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Aug 27, 2009 11:40 AM

Red's Eats in Wiscasset, Maine - Overrated?

I've been reading so much about Red's lobster rolls on various sites (both good and bad) that I'm not really sure what to believe. I'll be in the area anyway so I figure it's worth a try, but am hesitant about waiting in line for an hour if it's really an overrated tourist trap.

Actually, the touristy part doesn't bother me since I'll be a tourist myself ;>)
but if the locals think there are far better places for lobster rolls, I'd rather go to those spots and save myself the time and wait.

So is Red's Eats really the best place for lobster rolls along the entire Maine coast? When I say "best", my criteria are freshness/quality of the lobster meat first and foremost. A toasted, split-top hot dog bun is strongly preferred, but any roll will do as long as it's fresh and high-quality.

The amount of lobster meat served in the roll is important, too, but I'd be willing to sacrifice a little bit if the overall taste is of superior quality.

Of course, a place that stuffs as much lobster meat (1 pound or more) into their rolls as Red's, but with top-notch quality, would be ideal.

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  1. Having lived in Wiscasset for a year and living close now, I can say that Red's serves up an excellent lobster roll - fresh, lots of lobster and a good roll. The wait can be long but it really is an experience to go there. "the best" is so subjective it's hard to say that it's the best, but you likely won't be disappointed.

    1. I visited Red's for the first time a few weeks back - I've lived in Maine for more than 10 years and have always avoided it b/c of its touristy nature. But I have to say, my sister (also a Maine resident) and I were really impressed with the food. Her lobster roll was enormous - they claim to put more than a lobster's worth of meat in each roll, and it definitely seems plausible - and she said the flavor was outstanding... much better than a lobster roll she'd had a few days earlier at the Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth.

      I had a fried haddock sandwich, which was seriously good - an enormous slab of haddock that the woman at the counter said they'd filleted that morning. In essence, I'm surprised to find myself recommending Red's.

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        i agree with your sister.Stopped at both places.Red's was better.

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          Is that the place you can smell the grease from a mile away (at least approaching it by bike)

        2. Love Red's, dislike the lines in the summer. Their lobster rolls are very good. Don't listen to the so-called foodies who hate a place because it's popular.

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            Thanks for the verification on Red's. Good to know.

            Are there any other lobster rolls along or near the Maine coast that are especially noteworthy?

          2. There's dozens of better places in Maine for lobster rolls and seafood; the thing is they're mostly local Downeast places (Washington County, Downeast Maine is NOT Portland/Midcoast despite what tourist think). Tourists almost never get past Bar Harbor so you never hear about them nationally though.

            1. Reds is DEFINITELY overrated. The food there is garbage. Try Graffam Brothers in Rockport if you want a really good lobster roll. Or Bagaduce Lunch or so many other places.

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