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Aug 27, 2009 11:21 AM

Farmer Brown's Little Skillet -- reports?

The words "chicken & waffles" on a flyer for Little Skillet next to the printer this morning caught my eye. Looks like the latest in the trend of full-service restaurants adding limited-service casual lunch options. The prices look pretty reasonable: $7 for a waffle with two pieces of chicken, $6.50 for a "chicken box" with two pieces of chicken, a side and an "angel biscuit" etc.

I didn't see any reports on chowhound, although it's apparently been open since May.

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  1. I was STARVED when I went there but thought the chicken and biscuit were quite decent; my friend enjoyed her chicken and waffles.
    In this case Little Skillet isn't anywhere near farmer brown, so it really i just a limited service casual lunch spot. There are long lines that move relatively quickly, and when I was there it was cash only.

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    1. re: margieco

      Thanks for the report -- the info on the website is pretty sketchy.

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        sure, happy to report. Of course now you're making me consider walking over there for lunch today :)

    2. This place is a good value. The chicken and waffles is fine, I liked the large biscuit. I've also had the shrimp creole po'boy which had tons of shrimp in a tasty, though not very spicy sauce. Good for the money, though you will be sitting on the sidewalk or milk crates if you don't take it back to the office.

      1. Search is totally messed up. More threads with the place link.

        (I've resorted to using google with term.)

        Farmerbrown's Little Skillet
        330 Ritch Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Ah thanks. I'd mistakenly thought it was directly connected to Farmer Brown and done a check of the Farmer Brown place link but not Little Skillet. I probably read those threads and just didn't make the connection.

        2. I posted about it right after they opened in the SOMA lunch thread. It's fine. Small portions, so not that cheap, and you need a nap or an hour at the gym after so much butter. But worth a stop if you're in the neighborhood.

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          1. re: Windy

            The portions actually seemed pretty big to me. The po' boy sandwiches were huge and I regularly find 3 pieces of good sized chicken when I order the 2 piece chicken lunch box.

          2. I just ate there yesterday with my big sis! As I was ordering the chicken and waffles, they passed a tray of red velvet cupcakes over my head through the pass through. Of course I had to get one. It was great, not too sweet, tender, moist, delicious. The chicken was extra crispy, a bit dry though. The waffle was really good, also tender, slightly crispy. A fun lunch. Also had a nice drip blue bottle from the window next door.