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Aug 27, 2009 10:51 AM

What do you like at Commerce besides the chicken for two?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. But . . . without the chicken, you don't get the potatoes. And the potatoes are the whole point of going for me.

    If you insist, though, I also loved the duck and foie gras terrine appetizer.

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    1. re: plumpdumpling

      So I might as well just get the freakin' chicken, I guess then.

      1. re: il Trifulau

        Are you anti-chicken or just anti-chicken-hype?

        1. re: plumpdumpling

          you should definitely get the chicken... i've had the berkshire pork for two as well and it's ok but not on the same level as the chicken.

          1. re: plumpdumpling

            I'm not anti-chicken at all. But I might be anti one-trick-pony restaurants.

            I'll get back to you on this chicken after tomorrow.

      2. I have also been curious about this. I hate to order chicken when going out since it is something you can do perfectly well at home. However, if this is a "must" get and their signature dish.. you know the saying "When in Rome".

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        1. re: steakrules85

          I don't have black truffles at home to stick under the skin, though. I think that's what sells it to most people.

        2. unless you like pepper do not get the carbonara. it was as if i was eating a pepper shaker. i found all the food to be salty. none of us had the chicken but nothing impressed me.

          1. Went on Friday night. The sweet potato tortelloni with brown butter was truly tasty. As was the thai style halibut. The short ribs were very tender but the pappardelle was nothing to write home about - the sauce was the best thing about the dish.

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            1. re: actarheel

              I was there Friday night, too.
              I have to say, this was one of two great meals I had this weekend. (The other was at Sora Lella)
              We had:
              Prosecco and a Martini, well done
              BLT soup which was an outstanding surprise ,
              Odd Things Ragu interesting and tasty, but you have to like tripe like me and the missus do.
              Chicken For Two, excellent and original, I want this again soon.
              The Barbera d'Asti is well-priced and recommended