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Aug 27, 2009 10:49 AM

Pit Beef and Snoballs on the road...

This is probably a quixotic question, but we're taking a road trip from Baltimore to Charlottesville tomorrow and I have a hankering for pit beef and an egg cream snoball.

Is there anywhere on the general route between those two cities that we could pull off and get one and/or the other?

I think we'll be taking 95, 495, 66 and 29.

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  1. What part of Baltimore are you starting from?

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      1. re: amyatkendall

        Isn't there some report of a great pit beef place in/around Catonsville? Maybe you should hit that on your way south...

    1. There's a snoball stand across the street from Chaps which is right off 95 on Pulaski highway.

      I will say that the last couple times trying to get on 95 from Chaps have gone unsuccessfully. If you're a little better at following road signs than I am, this is probably your stop!

      1. If such a thing as a pit beef stand ouside Baltimore exists, I'd be hesitant to eat at it.

        The only thing resembling a snoball on that route that I'm aware of is the Philadelphia Water Ice Factory on H Street NE, DC. But I don't think that's what you're looking for.

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        1. re: monkeyrotica

          Express Pit Beef, Odenton MD. It has it all, egg creams, and a great pit beef sammy.
          Plus other snow cones, and 1950 style treats.

          1. re: RobertM

            Awesome, thanks! Just picked up my first peach cake, so I'm on a "classic Baltimore treats" roll!

            1. re: RobertM

              I just wanted to say thanks - we did hit Expressway Pit Beef, which did have a great pit beef sandwich, and and egg cream snoball and sweet tea, all eaten in the car while the rain poured down - romance Baltimore style! :)

              1. re: RobertM

                Yay, Robert. You said "snow cones," just like me. Until very recently, I had never heard of "snowballs" until a friend from Baltimore mentioned them...

            2. Third visit, A&W Pit Beef.
              Check my post.
              Route 175 east of west route 295, north or south.
              Medium, thin sliced Vadalia onion, Tiger sauce, fresh baked Kaiser roll.
              Or your choice to toppings.
              Not Open Sundays....