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Aug 27, 2009 10:40 AM

Ginger Beer in Maine- Stewarts, Goslings or Barritts

Ok, following a great trip to Bermuda for my 40th a couple of years ago, I have become addicted to Dark -n- Stormy's. I have been able to get Stewarts Ginger Beer (IMHO the most spicy) at the Hannafords, but now I find out that Dr. Pepper (the current owners) have discontinued it! The Bastages!

Anyway I like Maine Root, but I can't seem to find anything that rivals the spiciness of Stewarts. I have heard that Goslings is marketing their own thru Polar, but have yet to see any available.

Ok Chowhounds, any recomendations or locations?

Please don't suggest Reeds as I think it tastes like a weird syrup.

The SaltPig

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  1. I also love a good dark and stormy. The only bar in Harvard Square that makes them uses Barritt's. I've found it in liquor stores here in MA. So maybe it can be found in Maine as well..I googled Barritts and here is the contact info:For information on your closest source please contact:
    Paul Imbesi at North American Beverages
    (609) 399 – 1486 or Hope this helps..

    1. In the Hispanic food section is a ginger beer by Goya that is extremely spicy. And significantly less expensive than many of the other alternatives. I personally would love to have Barritts available, though.

      1. Should you see Bundaberg, from NE Australia, wonderful one, short squat bottle with brown yellow label.

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          Bundaberg is a good choice - and more well known than my favourite Australian GB which is Saxby's. Either of these would make a great choice.

        2. Cap'n Eli's ginger beer is available at Hannaford. I think it makes a good D&S. Their website lists store locations,

          1. I tried some Goslings GB the other day and was not impressed at all. It is very weak tasting and perhaps one of the worst ginger beers I've had. Of course, when mixed up as a D&S - it might function just fine.


            PS: I don't know what Reed's is bottling but I'm not convinced its GB... = )