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RIP Zon's.....

Zon's in JP has definitely closed, according to the Boston Globe. One bit of good news, though - the chef at Zon's will now be the executive chef at the Exchange Street Bistro in Malden, according to the Globe article.

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  1. was happy to read also that the new chef at Bon Savor is from Eastern Standard -- hopefully that will be good news for that place! somehow their menu has never quite worked for me . . .
    but yes, sorry to see Zon's go. Hyde Square has seen worse times, but it's definitely too bad.

    1. Oh no.....Great Lamb burger. Too bad.

      1. Such a cute space, hopefully something good will go in there and it won't go to waste like the other tenants on that corner.

        1. Exchange Street Bistro. That's the place "with the WOW factor," right?

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            Depends on if you are talking about the food or the room. The room is pretty wow. The food is the opposite of wow (although desserts are good).

            I'm sad for JP, but happy for Malden! We need a real restaurant up there!

          2. A shame about a great little neighborhood place. My favorite Zon's memory: sitting at the bar and being regaled by some way-overserved regular, who for some reason had to drink his iced coffee (and something-something) served with a tall spoon sticking out of the glass. He saw me smacking my lips over dinner, and slurrily observed, "Food good's here." Yes, I had to agree: yes it is.

            I wonder who will step in to take on the 85% rent increase that drove Bella Luna/Milky Way away, and effectively drove Zon's out of business. I would not be surprised to see those spaces vacant for a long time. At least Bella Luna and the Milky Way have a beautiful new home.


            1. I think it's funny that in the article they give that chef the credit for the burgers and mac n cheese. Those things were on the menu since the day they opened, LONG before he came on the scene.

              1. Zon's has been living off its initial good reputation for years. In the old days the food was good and a good value, but over the last few years ( since Phantom Gourmet brought the unwashed in I think) the quality has gone WAY down, the food has been frankly crap, and the prices have skyrocketed. $18 for mac and cheese?

                I'm frankly tired of hearing people gush about it because it has been a shadow of its former self for a long time.

                Burned sauces. Low quality ingredients. No love or care in the preparation. I recently had a shepherds pie for $18 that had 1/2 inch of ground lamb in sauce at the bottom and 4 inches of mashed potato over it.

                Thanks for pointing out where the Chef is moving to because I will never eat there. With the crap coming out of that kitchen the last 2 years he should hang his head in shame.

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                  Sadly, I have to agree. Zon's had really, really slipped and when I talked with the owner about it some of the changes, well, let's just say he wasn't interested.

                2. that is too bad! I hate to see a neighborhood place close.