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Tomato dishes

Where can I go to get a great tomato dish right now? I know the blight has affected a lot of tomatoes and I want to find some great tomato flavor.
HELP! DC or Arlington preferred.

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  1. Dino has a really nice panzanella salad, they also have a great capresse salad with heirloom tomatoes.

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      I have to agree. If you want a great tomato dish in a restaurant, go to Dino! If you want to find tomatoes at a farmers market, there were plenty this past weekend at the Dupont market. Every tomato that we bought at the market was delicious, grilled, raw, or slow roasted. Just ate the last one - raw, sliced with salt sprinkled.

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        Came here to post Dino as well - I really liked their yellow tomato panna cotta.

    2. West End Bistro has an incredible tomato consomme. It is probably the best cold soups I have ever had. I'm pretty sure it's on their regular menu right now. I had a meal there recently (I describe it more fully here:http://statedinner.wordpress.com/2009...) and the light tomato soup was the highlight for sure.

      1. Sure hasn't affected mine. I have so many: Romas, Brandywine, Wickline, cherry, other heirlooms I forget the names of.

        Caprese is the best! Have fun eating your way through tomato season!

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          I wouldn't know about a blight-I put up 75 lbs of mostly heirloom toms.....

        2. My favorite.
          Simple, basic, made at home from dead ripe tomatoes freshly picked.
          1/4 or 1/8 ripe fruits. Chop or hand shred fresh basil on top. Follow with some freshly coarse ground pepper. Just prior to eating, sprinkle with coarse Mediteranian Sea Salt.
          If you like, add a bit of olive oil based dressing.

          1. I have seen no shortage of great tomatoes this summer. But aside from Dinos razor focus on what is fresh at the farmers market, I can't say the same for most other restaurants. I just buy them at a farmers market and eat them at home. It s probably the easiest thing one can do, even if you're not a cook. No cooking required. Just a sharp knife and some good salt for starters. Add some evoo and good balsamico if you want to get fancy.

            1. I had the most wonderful heirloom tomato salad at Eventide last night. The exquisite tomatoes were accompanied by a basil "chimichurri", Queso fresco, sherry geleé, and paprika breadcrumbs. Every bite was heaven!

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                Costco now sells Buffalo Mozz. Red tomatoes/heirloom tomatoes layered with Buffalo mozz sprinkled with TOASTED PINE NUTS and fresh basil leaves, then doused with at least 6 year old Balsamic (Cavalli if available) and excellent olive oil (Badia Colitbuono or similar).

                Best Caprese salad I have ever tasted. Expensive to make but worth it.

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                  i like sprinkling sea salt on my tomato/moz/basil....

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                    Try red Hawaiian Alaeaa salt. Adds an extra zing.

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                      Dean, that's a great suggestion. Like chicken kabob, I always put sea salt on my caprese salads. Will look for the Hawaiian Alaeaa salt and give it a try!

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                        From all reports from the farmer's market Dupont today, there are still a lot of tomatoes on the vine but they need heat and sun to ripen up. The selection today was a little weak inthe ripeness and variety categories. So enjoy what you can get as far as heirlooms are concerned.

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                          Thanks for the tomato update. I missed the market today, so appreciate the report. Apparently you're quite the Dupont farmers market celebrity :)


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                            I will make the sincere argument that a farmer named Jim Riley who has a roadside stand at the intersection of route 9 and "the road to Waterford, VA" (by the Shell station) has, at a minimum, tomatoes that are as sweet and delicious as any that I have ever had. Potomac Vegetable farm is a couple of miles away along with several other stands including Hillsboro; we've had all three side by side and Jim's are just sweeter. Over the years I've compared his tomatoes to numerous Heirlooms and basic red that I've bought elsewhere. I think, over time, I've compared his tomatoes to everything from Lancaster to Hanover County, VA as well as ones we've brought back from hundreds of miles away. I stil think his are the best. I've asked him about it and he said it is all because of the soil. He grows them in the same garden in Waterford that he has grown them in for almost fifty years. He's open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday "until frost." He usually runs out of tomatoes around noon.

                            If anyone has a source anywhere in the D. C. area that they are equally convinced are the best please post it on here. I would like to try them.

                            Generally, Jim Riley's farm stand is about seven or eight miles west of Leesburg.

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                              One more note: He's $1.99 a pound for heirlooms. That's right: $1.99 a pound!

                              I literally buy 20 pounds at a time on bi weekly trips for my neighbors and I. He's over 50 miles roundtrip for tomatoes but worth it.

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                                I think I stumbed into this market a few weeks ago when we were tooling around wine country.

                                If it's the same place, the tomatoes were divine. And amazingly cheap.

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                                  any new ideas this summer? craving tomatoes

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                                    Find a gazpacho recipe. Buy ripe tomatoes. Blend. Enjoy.

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                                      West End Bistro has the tomato consumme back on their menu!

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                                        I saw a sign in Jaleo's window on my way to Rasika (mmmm) that they are having a tomato festival.

                                        Rasika Restaurant
                                        633 D Street, NW, Washington, DC 20004

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                                          Dino always features some great tomato dishes.

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                                            Let's try this one more time...
                                            a few that I have found (and am soliciting feedback on) are:
                                            Tomatina Festival at Jaleo and Poste

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                                              We had dinner at Dino last Sunday and all 3 of my dishes featured tomatoes: Caprese salad, Pappardelle all' Aglione (sungold and red cherries), Melanzane alla Parmigiania (eggplant with lots of tomatoes). Everything was delicious.

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                                                just had a great tomato salad from Liberty Tavern. It had beef steak tomatoes, bleu cheese, thin radishes, basil, evoo, croutons...

                                                The Liberty Tavern
                                                3195 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22201

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                                                Had a great tomato dish earlier this evening at Cashions Eat Place. The description was 'Steve’s Vine Ripe Tomatoes with Red Onions, Pipe Dreams Fromage, Lemon, and Micro Basil.' If I knew where to find Steve, I'd buy his entire crop of tomatoes.

                                                Cashions Eat Place
                                                1819 Columbia Rd NW, Washington, DC 20009

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                                                  Any one have any updates to this list? Particularly panzanella salad.