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Aug 27, 2009 09:49 AM

Birthday Madness!

Hello fellow CH'ers!

Ok so - I'm celebrating my bday on sept.12 (right in middle of TIFF) and am looking for a resto/bar or resto/lounge that has some tasty food and where a group of 20ppl or so can mingle drink and chat.

Would love suggestions with tasty food and apps and killer cocktails (I'm a bartender in a 5* hotel so have high standards - and love inventive fresh drinks - oh and a good winelist doesn't hurt either)

We're a young (ish haha - late 20's and onwards) group so looking for something hip/fun and with a killer ambience. Would like something that's open til 2am (or 4am if anyone knows which spots are going to have extended liquor licences this year? ) If it's not open late, it's not the end of the world if there's a fun nearby club or bar we can move to.

I thought of Nyood - but the problem is its still a typical restaurant where we would all have to sit at a table... but something along those lines would be good.

Anywhere in the city is good with me - I have no idea what to do or where to go so any suggestions are welcome!

Thanks a million!

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  1. Sidecar has good food and killer cocktails. It's on college. Your group is kinda big, you will have to call and check if they could do it or not.

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      went to check out sidecar tonight.. quite enjoyed their dinner! unfortunately i just don't think they have a big enough bar to accommodate a social drinking atmosphere - thanks for the rec tho, quite thoroughly enjoyed my monday night :)

    2. Are you planning on making reservations for a specific number of people to eat dinner or are you just showing up and "mingling"?

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        as it will be a late night I doubt that many people are going to eat a full meal - most will drink and some will order light meals or apps, regardless will call whereever it is and give them a heads up.

        In march went to brassaii with some success - wanted to reserve a table for 20 but had to commit to a three course meal for every guest for the reso (even though it was after 9pm) instead asked to reserve the bar/lounge area in the front which they happily accomated. Our group of twenty ate and drank for a couple hours before heading off to West Lounge (when it was open) down the street.

        -- Just wanted to do something different this time :)

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          Given your description, I would check out Kultura. The restaurant is upstairs and the main floor, as you walk in, is a beautiful lounge. You might be able to reserve the space.