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Aug 27, 2009 09:47 AM

Drive to Killarney - Anywhere good to eat along the way? Or in the Killarney area?

I'll be driving up to Killarney Provincial Park on Thursday, September 3rd. Besides Herbert's fish and chips stand in Killarney, does anyone have any recommendations about where to have lunch and/or dinner on the drive up and in town? Thanks.

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  1. Dinner at KML in town can be pricey, but their pickerel is excellent. Actually like it better than Hebert's. But Herbert's is awesome. I skip the chips and just have the fish. Homemade desserts at KML excellent. Have not tried new Sportsmann's Inn food yet. What lake (s) are you camping on? PS get the hawberry ice cream at place near the boat launch

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      Seconding Kilarney Mountain Lodge. I love their baking, and the fact that they change up the menu every day. Also it's a great place for breakfast.

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        I worked at Killarney Mountain Lodge for the summer of 1981!! The food was excellent back then and I'm glad to hear it still is.

    2. Mmmmm.... Herberts Fish and Chips! I'm hungry now.

      I like the hawberry ice cream too. I can't seem to remember whether its Farquhars Dairy that they carry. Can anyone confirm?


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          you're welcome. have a place on Carlyle - road 840. Maybe u will be camping across from us. If you smell ribs and ceasar salad, you are close