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Aug 27, 2009 09:47 AM

PS 7

I am coordinating a group from my company to have dinner at PS 7 in mid September - Tuesdsay night. I keep reading posts about the lounge or Restaurant Week reviews - but how is the regular ala carte menu on a regular night? Is it crowded? We are getting a private room. Thanks.

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  1. it wasn't too crowded, and even if it were, the space is well laid out.

    The RW menu is pretty much the same as the regular menu.

    1. The food is solid. It isn't the most creative menu and the portions are a bit on the small side, and everything is very well made. If they still have the lavender cake with berries that is very good, as are the oxtail tots, but at $7 I would like more than comes in the serving. The fish is very fresh and well prepared, as well. I think it is solid and good, but it isn't wow.

      1. I've been to PS7 a few times, once for RW. I don't recall the a la carte menu being too different from the RW menu. I've always found the bar area to be louder and more crowded than the dining area- like Jeserf said, the dining room is laid out well.

        Some notable items in my book were the Tuna Sliders app and the Donuts and "Coffee" dessert. The entrees were good, but I just can't remember any specific ones.

        1. The regular menu is excellent. I think this is a great place for a company dinner. The food is very good (as are the fun drinks) and the service is great. I've never been in the private room but I'm sure they will treat you very well.

          PS7 is one of my favorite restaurants in DC for a reason---I think between their happy hour deals, lounge, and regular dining room service they always hit all the right notes.

          It's never overly crowded. If you are getting a private room this shouldn't matter anyway.

          1. Thanks for your comments! They were really helpful.