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Aug 27, 2009 09:38 AM

Detroits best Pizza- Free Press

Did any one catch todays copy of the Detroit Free Press? In the play section the did a big article (lots of color photos) on Detroits Best Pizza. I haven't had time to read it closely but Supino ranks NO 1! The top ten they only listed alphabeticaly.
Amici's- Berkley.
Buddy's Farmington Hills.
Dan Good Pizza-New Baltimore. ( I'm in New Baltimore almost every day and I've never even heard of this place but they note it's only been around seven months)
Dinoto's Pizza-Grosse Pointe Woods.
Green Lantern- Madison Heights.
Luigis Original-Harrison Township.
Tomatoes Apizza-Farmington Hills.

They went all the way to the top 25 ranking the next group in alphabetical order as well. I'll post the full list if any one is interested.
Rosie O Grady's - Chesterfield,
Loui's- Hazel park
and PizzaPapalis each made the top 25.

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  1. Did they mention a specific Tomatoes Apizza?

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    1. re: Fibber McGee

      I used to be a huge fan of Buddy's, but I think them and Shields have been resting on thier past history.

      Loui's in Hazel Park never served me anything but a great pizza. I just do not know how it is possible to even have a better pizza.

      1. re: The Jag

        It's not that I don't like Loui's but I really do prefer Clover leaf. IMO they just don't get as much "play" because they are on the East side.

      2. re: Fibber McGee

        "Did they mention a specific Tomatoes Apizza?"

        Fourteen mile in Farmington Hills.

      3. Was the Greenlantern Tavern mentioned???? To die for!!!!!!!!!!

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        1. re: Lindseyup67

          YES! In fact the Green Lantern on John R in Madison Heights made the top 10!
          This was also a new one one for me. I now have at least three new places I want to try in the near future.

          1. re: Lindseyup67

            Has anyone tried the Green Lantern to-go store in RO? We got GL pizza once to go but it wasn't helped by the 15 minute drive home. I wondered if the pizza is as good.

            Their website says they are coming soon to Berkley, as well! Amici's vs. Green Lantern!

            1. re: coney with everything

              Great news! Anything to perk up the Berkley scene is good!

              1. re: berkleybabe

                berkleybabe, I was trying to think where in our beautiful little town they would locate...I wonder if it's going to be in the new Burger King strip mall (the answer to a question nobody asked, IMO...)

          2. Tomatoes is the best , Supinos is a real close runnerup , Green Lantern is the best old school American pizza around , but the Ferndale Rosie's makes an excellent coal fired pie ., they are a little generous with all their great toppings , sometimes less is more . Amici's is very good too . I am not a fan of the greasy deep dish Detroit style Loui's or Buddy's pie , it makes my stomach hurt . Too fat laden for me . Fried dough kinda makes me want to barf .

            1. We tried Dan Good pizza in New Baltimore this evening. Perhaps my favorite pizza ever in the greater Detroit area. It's not a Detroit stly pie but a round deep dish they bill as "Chicago" style. However the crust is un-like any Chi-town pie I have ever had. More like the texture of Detroit style but not nearly as thick. Excellent sauce and they finish with a little grated parm.
              I have no problem suggesting that Dan Good is worth the drive from just about any where in the area.
              A truly excellent pizza!

              1. My top 10 list would look like this:
                1. Loui's
                2. everything else

                I tried Cloverleaf yesterday for the first time and it was perfectly decent but just didn't have the flavor of Loui's. Did like the sauce. Didn't like the salad, which Loui's also excels at....

                My single visit to Green Lantern, about four years ago, left me scratching my head and wondering what all the fuss was about. To me it was completely run-of-the-mill and unexceptional.

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                1. re: mrfinewine

                  I worked with people that would get Green Lantern about once a month and I came to the same conclusion as yourself. It was not bad by any just was not exceptional by any measure.

                  I am thinking of hitting Loui's for lunch today. :)

                  1. re: JanPrimus

                    ...and what a good lunch it was! :)

                    1. re: JanPrimus

                      Lucky dog! I'd be horribly jealous if I hadn't had Loui's on each of the past two Saturdays, one take out and one dine in. Both wonderful!