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Aug 27, 2009 09:20 AM

Sonoran-style hot dogs?

I just read yet another tantalizing story (in the NYT this time) about Sonoran-style hot dogs - a wiener wrapped in bacon and grilled, then put in a modified bolillo bun and topped with guacamole and salsa and mayo and cheese-stuffed grilled chiles. Apparently they're all the rage in Tucson. I have to have one of these things but I'm not headed for AZ anytime soon. Has anyone head of anyone doing this alchemy hereabouts? Talk about a food mania waiting to happen!!!

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  1. Beans is another ingredient (I've had them in Tucson). I know Tres Agaves sells bacon wrapped hot dogs at the ballpark, and I'm pretty sure a few of the other hot dog places do bacon wrapped hot dogs. I haven't seen any that match the Tucson sonoran hot dog through.

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      Here's a picture of the Sonoran hot dog in tucson... Melanie's local pix are close...

    2. Here's some commentary on the ones found in Oakland's Fruitvale and SF's Mission district.
      I had a particularly bad one from the guy in front of Bank of America on Mission, wrinkled rubbery hot dog and cold greasy onions.
      The illegal vendors can't keep a lot of toppings on hand 'cuz they need to run and are in danger of having the food confiscated if they're caught in an enforcement action.

      Here's the photo of the legal street dog served at last weekend's festival.
      Not much toppings.

      If you ever make it down to Salinas, I can point you to three excellent, legal mobile vendors who serve up Mexican hot dogs, although only one has guac. (I miss Mayra's.) We've organized two chowdowns for San Franciscans to come down to experience their glory.

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        I do find myself in and around Salinas with some regularity and I'd love to know about the carts!

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          Saw bacon wrapped hot dogs at the Oakland Mi Pueblo on Sunday -- at the stand just inside the door where they also regularly have tamales. Presumably they're legal. There was a panoply of condiments, although since some of the containers were covered I don't know what they all were. I don't remember seeing them there before -- either they're new or they only have them periodically (this was Sunday, early afternoon, and the place was packed). The other Mi Pueblo locations might be worth checking.

        2. I grew up in Hermosillo (the birthplace of the sonoran style hot dog) and let me tell you, it is heaven in a bun. nothing compares to it, and besides my parents, hot dogs are the only thing i miss about Hermosillo hah. It is part of our culture, it is true, theyre everywhere and they are delicious, it has a lot to do with the brand of sausage and bacon (Rosarito) and the type of bread, Ive had hot dogs in other cities in the state of Sonora and is just not the same.
          take a look at this CBS piece

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            My husband and I just relocated to the Bay Area from Phoenix where we enjoyed sonoran dogs weekly. Our favorite stand in Phoenix is Nogales Hot Dogs 20th-ish St & Indian School and Bell Road & Cave Creek. They are SOOOO yummy especially with a mexican coke. $2.75 (I think) per dog. Bacon wrapped dog, beans, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, white cheese, yellow cheese, mayonesa, green salsa, guacamole, etc. on the most delicious bread. I know the ones in PHX pop up around 7pm and are open well past 1am. They also have plenty of seating and usually a TV with novellas on. We'll definitely be on the look out for a good stand here and will post if we find one worthy!

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              I'm pretty sure the Virgin Mary makes the hot dog buns/bread herself as part of the delivery from heaven.

            2. Someone revived this just to make a witty comment. But as long as it is here, I stumbled across two sources this week.

              Java Jax in Vallejo

              Uh, the tortilla joint in the town of Sonoma. I think it is Tortilleria Jalisco. It is just up the street from Sonoma Market. Anyway, they have a hot dog cart in front of the restaurant where they were frying up some awesome looking Sonora dogs.

              Haven't tried either though. i did like the Chicago dog at Java Jax.

              Java Jax
              1700 Sonoma Blvd, Vallejo, CA 94590

              1. Anyone tried the Sonoran hot dog at Azucar Lounge? It's listed as being bacon wrapped with tomatoes, onions, cotija, salsa verde, beans, mayo, mustard, & ketchup.