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Aug 27, 2009 09:18 AM

Club Cayo Coco - Richmond St

Any reports?


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  1. i walk by this place everyday to work...for and i've always been curious. But statistically speaking, nothing of the sort in that area can be good.

    1. I was there once, maybe two years ago on a weeknight around dinner time, for the cheap martinis. We also had some tapas. Let's just say we didn't get sick afterwards, which I guess is a good thing... The place was totally empty and felt a bit sketchy. I hope they renovated since then. I'd give the place a 6 out of 10 (two years ago).

      1. I dropped by this place as a meal before heading to the movies. I walked into the doors and was presented by a long set of stairs. For people that don't know this location was formely a victorian house that was later converted into this restaurant. As I climbed the stairs, the owner appeared midway from the bar area and took us up the top floor. I have to admit it seemed a bit weird at first as he didn't take us to the main dining area because they were expecting a large party. The alternative room seemed to be formely an attic which was converted into a makeshift dining area that had only room for 4 tables.

        As the night went on, the odd setting became more favourable as it provided an intimate atmosphere. The staff was very friendly and we truly felt unrushed throughout the meal. I have to admit that this is my first time going to a tapas bar, so I actually enjoyed the concept of the small appetizers, which allowed us to taste a variety of dishes, instead of having to settle on a main dish. We ordered the following:

        Vegetarian Brochette: which were vegetable skewers, a simple concept that was executed perfectly and was very fresh.

        Garlic Chicken: Pieces of chicken breast marinated in a garlic sauce was quite good as well and full of flavour.

        Grilled Quail: which was marinated in Havana Club and garlic was just okay as it was kind of hard to eat, but the flavour was decent.

        Spanish Sausage: Pork sausage which was marinated in red wine, garlic, olive oil and fresh herbs was tough and had in my opion too much salt.

        I also finished the meal with a creme brulee, which was just okay since the custard was a bit runny (seems they didn't refrigiderate it long enough).

        Overall, the meal wasn't bad. I think I fell more in love with the concept of tapas than the food itself. The food wasn't bad by any means and its probably one of the better restaurants in that area.

        Club Cayo Coco
        304 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5V1X2, CA

        1. I only went once - a few years back. I actually really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. It was a while back so I have few details...but yes - it was quite empty.

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            I like their Mojitos.
            Didn't realize it was a restaurant.
            Not a fan of the "club" area.