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Aug 27, 2009 08:43 AM

Dim Sum in Flushing on the weekend....

We are planning to drive down to Flushing and try Jade Asian for the first time-so any tips are welcomed! I have checked out some of the discusions here and settled on Jade Asian.
Also what are the best times to get there to avoid a long wait and if going with a baby is really a bad idea?! No posts really related to bringing kids/baby etc....
Any help appreciated.

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  1. Since weekends are traditional dim sum days in the Chinese community, try to arrive as early as possible. If you arrive on Sunday at noontime you've sentenced yourself to a long wait. As far as children are concerned, it was best described by a newspaper food critic reviewing a large Hong Kong style dim sum restaurant (exactly which one escapes me). His comment was that there were so many little children and babies in the restaurant that the restaurant should have had kids available for rental so that childless patrons would not feel left out.

    1. If you have a large enough group (at least 8-10) you can reserve a small private room at Jade Asian ahead of time.

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        How does a private room at Jade work out? I believe all of the private rooms are upstairs, and as far as I know, the carts only circulate downstairs. So do they give you a menu a la Dim Sum Go Go, or are you at the mercy of the cart ladies?

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          Sorry, I meant Ocean Jewels - across from the Flushing Mall.