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Aug 27, 2009 08:34 AM

MD State Fair food finds

In honor of the upcoming state fair, which is a big tradition in my family, thought it would be fun to see what treats/food, if any, folks are craving! I always love the thick milk shakes...

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  1. Having lived in Baltimore my entire life, would you believe I've never been to the MD State Fair nor the Preakness.

    But, in response to cravings--I'd love to get some cotton candy and a corndog. I've encountered the cotton candy in various stores where it is packaged, but it could never compare to what one can get freshly made at a carnival or fair.

    BTW, is there a vendor at the Fair who roasts nutmeats or just plain 'ole peanuts? I have basically satisfied that craving by venturing to Belvedere Square, thanks to recs from the Chowhounds. FoiGras

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      FG: cant believe you never hit the state fair. It is worth the trip just to see all the creatures, and I am not referring to the hogs, cows and horses. It is like a freak show walking around. No major chow there but it is hard to pass on a good corn dog and fresh lemonade

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        going in the next few days, so i will let you know if i see the nuts! haven't looked for those before there. there is a vendor that makes all types of caramel apples who may have them....

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          There was a "bavarian nut" vendor there. Smelled delicious, but didn't buy them so can't vouch for the taste. Was going to go for a lamb sandwich, based on the comments posted, but I wasn't enthralled with how the lamb looked in the huge sterno, so went for a roasted turkey sandwich instead, which was very average.

        2. --Elephant ears with sugar/cinnamon topping.
          --Smoked turkey legs
          --4H ice cream
          --Fresh lemonade
          --Caramel apples
          --Curly fries (only one vendor has them!)

          I agree with Diningwithdoc that there isn't major chow there, but these are some of our favorites. We've narrowed our State Fair food intake with precision over the years, and know exactly what to get where. :) Also, the lamb people have good lamb (sandwiches, kabobs, and even a gyro-like sandwich thing, IIRC).

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          1. re: venera

            Is the lamb juicy? That seems like the best of the bunch, if it is cooked there.

            1. re: crowsonguy

              I recall it as being juicy. It's usually our first stop, since it's closest to the entrance we use. :) It's not overly "muttony" as some lamb can be, especially since there are no spring babies to be had at this time of year.

              I plan to go this weekend, weather permitting, so can report back if it's different from what I posted!

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                If you are a lamb fan - have you ever been to the MD Sheep & Wool Festival at the Howard County Fairgrounds? (first weekend in May) They have a number of vendors cooking lamb and lamb sausage on site. Our favorite is a pit lamb sandwich. If you've never been, you must go !! But be prepared, it's hugely popular (cars fill up the entire parking area at the fairgrounds) Who knew???

            2. Didn't I see something about deep fried Oreo Cookies and Deep Fried Twinkies...mmmm and gimme a Diet Coke

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              1. re: Hue

                Hue--yes you did, indeed, see "something" about deep fried Oreo Cookies and Twinkies as reported in the Baltimore Sun's Thursday, August 27th article "Midway Food at MD State Fair."

                The article also mentioned Chef Salads and fruit crepes.

                I doubt that I will break my record as being one of the Baltimoreans who has never been to the Fair, as I won't be attending this year. But, hope all of you Chowhounds who attend have a wonderful experience. FoiGras