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Aug 27, 2009 08:19 AM

York Beach Restaurant

Hi, we just got back from York Beach for a couple of days and went to a horrific restaurant and an outstanding one.

The outstanding:
The 123 Restauraunt and Inn. It is right on the ocean and has outside seating. The food was great. My wife had the Scallops and I had the scallop special with steak. The kids had mac and cheese.
The appitizers we had were haddock bits and the lobster bisque. The haddock bits were pieces of haddock deepfired like poppers and served with a homemade tatar sauce. The lobster bisque was creamy and excellant. We would definitely recommend this to everyone. It was even less expensive that the horrific.

The horrific:
Surf n sun at the Anchorage Motel. We stayed there and the Motel is beyond tired, it is ready for the dog track. The wait staff was pleasant but the hostesses were nasty and unfriendly (both dinner and a breakfast). The kids at the take out window were even worse. The food was all right but that is it. Not a high recommendation.

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  1. How was the mac and cheese at 123? Boxed junk or homemade/baked?

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    1. re: ratbuddy

      homemade/baked... it was excellent.....

    2. Did you get over to Brown's Ice Cream? Is it still good since Shain's took over?