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Aug 27, 2009 07:41 AM

Are these places easy to get to?

Hi Everybody!

My hubby and I are planning a long weekend to Boston in November, coming from Toronto. We will be staying at the Millenium Bostonian (Faneuil Hall) and relying on public transportation/cabs/feet to get around while we are there. I am just wondering how easy these restaurants are to get to...

Hungry Mother
Angela's Cafe

As well, if there are any other places in and around this area we would love to check them out.

Thanks for all of your help!

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  1. Except for Kowloon, all are relatively easy to get to by public transportation and/or cabs; Toro is probably about the only one you can walk to (and it's a fairly long walk from your hotel).

    Kowloon is several miles north of Boston on a divided highway that was apparently designed by someone who grew up crashing his/her Matchbox cars for fun. If you really want to get there, you could probably take some combination of subway bus lines, but it'll probably be a bit of a pain.

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        Actually, Toro is so easy to get to via the Silver Line to either Worcester Square or Washington St stops. The OP would board at Boylston stop on street level. Alternatively, one could take Green Line E to Symphony, or Orange Line to Mass Ave, then the #1 or CT1 bus to Washington St.

      2. Kowloon? Why there? And is there a chance that you're thinking of Fuloon?

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          I was thinking the same thing, that lineup definitely has one place that sticks out like a sore thumb.

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              In any case, if it *is* Fuloon, fredid has given excellent directions by public transportation in the Places link. Same for Angela's.

              (When my sister came for a visit in May, we went straight from meeting her flight at the airport to lunch at Angela's, then took the T home.)

              375 Main St, Malden, MA 02148

              Angela's Cafe
              131 Lexington St, Boston, MA 02128

            2. Salts is a 5-10 min walk from the Central Square T stop. While you're there, I'd suggest going across the street for a drink at Craigie on Main!

              Hungry Mother is closer to the Kendall Square T stop, but it is a weird walk from there. I'd walk from Central, though it would be probably 20 minutes or a $5 cab ride.

              Oleana is about 15 mins walk from Central, or again a short cab ride.

              1. This link might be helpful. It will recognize Faneuil Hall and other places you may want to visit, but you'll have to have addresses for the restaurants.

                1. You'll be within walking distance of Boston's Chinatown. Don't go to Kowloon.