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Aug 27, 2009 07:27 AM

Zeno's Shockingly Delicious Saltwater Taffy

While vacationing in Daytona Beach, Florida, I happened to come across a Chowhound post that mentioned the wonderfulness of Zeno's, a taffy/candy store at the edge of the Daytona boardwalk. Being a taffy fancier, I moseyed in; the owner is handsome young fella who immediately offered free taffy samples to my young daughter and me, winning me over completely. I ended up buying three pounds of taffy! This is the best saltwater taffy I have ever had in my life! Oh my! My daughter chose "pretty" flavors like strawberry (pink) and cotton candy (bright blue); I went for "the browns," caramel, chocolate, etc. Every single flavor was true and delicious, not at all fake and icky. The texture was nicely meltingly soft, and oh my, the taste! Caramel, so much better than the Kraft caramels of my youth! Chocolate, tasting like nice cocoa, vanilla with warm honey notes. And best of all, maple walnut, with a wonderful real maple flavor and tiny bits of nuts inside, enlivening the texture. What wonderful stuff. Our family group of seven had the entire bag eaten up in two days!

Zeno's has been family owned for three generations and ships their taffy at reasonable fees. It is worth whatever you have to pay, this is amazing stuff.

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  1. We discovered Zeno's back in 2007 and also think it's the best saltwater taffy! We just returned home this weekend with 5 pounds and dread finishing the last piece 8(

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      Oh dear, I still think about that taffy. MAPLE WALNUT. Did you have that kind?

    2. The original comment has been removed