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Aug 27, 2009 07:14 AM

best dishes at Sripraphai?

I'm having dinner at Sripraphai tonight... can't wait to try it! What are the best dishes to order? Is their Kao Soy good? I ate a good amount of that in Thailand and loved it. Anything that I should avoid on the menu?

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  1. hi...i would recommend doing a search, because there are hundreds of Sripraphai posts/comments w/ suggestions...

    but off hand:

    -- i recommend the broiled catfish salad (laab pla-duk), the Southern style curry (the hottest on the menu), the shrimp w/ carmelized garlic (kung kratiem, which is sometimes on the specials menu but which they have most of the time even if it's not), the steamed fish w/ lime, and all the basic green/red curries are good too...many people like the fried watercress salad and the duck salad...

    -- i've never tried their Khao could be good, but Srirpraphai tends to do the Bangkok-style dishes better than the Northern and Isaan stuff...

    -- i would avoid the pad thai...and while i sometimes order their somtam, it's substantially worse than the somtam at Zaab and other Isaan-oriented places...

    1. I have definitely enjoyed their Khao Soy noodles, though I am not expert. Seems hard to find at most NYC thai restaurants. Please report back after you've tried.

      1. Thanks folks! I'll report back on those noodles.

        I must have done a search on the wrong board, because initially it only turned up 4 threads. But I searched again and, Holy Heavens... I'll be reading all day about this place! I think there will be some serious over ordering tonight.

        1. I've found the khao soi there to be uneven, and when I got it two or three weeks ago, it was definitely very weak -- in fact, the worst it's ever been and not at all worth ordering. There was just nothing special about it. The green curry was also subpar. The salads, though, hit the mark, especially the shrimp salad.

          I agree they aren't great on northern Thai, though the jungle curry can be very bracing and refreshing.

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          1. re: mary shaposhnik

            I agree with Mary on the Khao Soi. It's mediocre at best. My reference is the 20+ places I've had it in northern Thailand.

            I disagree though about the green curry. It's one of the few places in NY that at least uses the correct ingredients. Sri uses the golfball sized eggplants. Almost every other Thai restaurant substuitutes string beans or long beans in the green curry. A proper green curry also needs the pea-sized eggplants, but I don't know of anyplace in NY that includes those in the dish. If someone knows of a restaurant that does use the tiny eggplants, that's the place to go.

            1. re: el jefe

              No expert - but I find Thai eggplants (yes,golfballs) totally tasteless like cement.
              I think I've had them at SRI with one of the great duck specials and some other stuff.
              Should I go to the garage to have my taste buds reworked?
              I don't want to have surgery without the 2nd opinion of CH experts.

              1. re: micheal

                I think the green curry at sri can be uneven. I don't like it with the duck, but i do like it with other things.

                And I really like the golf-ball sized thai eggplants. it's a textural thing. the pea-sized ones are bitter and, while i don't like to eat too many of them, they do contribute something to the curry that's missing here. I think it's one of the reasons that thai curry in the US almost always tastes too sweet.

          2. The pad prik khing (pork and string bean dry curry) is an amazing balance of flavors. I can't stop ordering it.

            Also, I tried the beef offal tom zap for the first time and though it was amazing. Sour and spicy, mmmmmmm mmmmmm. I don't think there was any real offal in there though.