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Aug 27, 2009 07:06 AM

Nashville - Dinner at the Bar

I will be in Nahsville on business tonight, and will be dining on my own. I have looked into Rumba, Lime, Flytes, and Zola - all look like great food. Looking for an opinion on which one has the best dining experience for eating alone at the bar. Thanks.

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  1. I'd actually go to either Margot Cafe or City House. Either place is great for eating dinner at the bar, has wonderful food, and at City House you get to watch the chefs in action making pizza.

    I don't remember the bar at Zola. It's been a while since I've been there because my last meal wasn't as nearly as good as Margot.

    1. I've got no qualms about eating alone anywhere, ever. I say just pick the one that looks the best to you. Personally, of the ones you listed, I think Zola is the best. Margot is also outstanding, but it is not near the others you listed.

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        Zola has a tiny bar. I really don’t think it’s meant for dining. Rumba has a fairly laid out bar, great for dining alone. Same with Lime and Flyte has a lounge/bar for dining as well. What part of town are you staying in?

        Zola, Rumba, and Lime are fairly close to each other. Flyte is downtown; City House is in Germantown just north of downtown.

      2. Cabana has a great bar dining experience. I have also had a good meal dining at the bar of Tin Angel.

        1. I agree that Zola may not be the *best* for eating at the bar just because of the size, but all the others are fine -- good, in fact. Basically any mid- to - upscale Nashville restaurant is fine for bar eating. I used to go to Bound'ry regularly and eat at the downstairs bar and could not have been treated better.

          1. I will try the mood for that kind of flavor. Thanks for the tips.