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Aug 27, 2009 06:58 AM

casual party for 25 brooklyn or queens.need some help!

hello- I am looking for a place to have my husband's BLS graduation party next june ( places fill up that time of year, and it might take me awhile to find the right party).

I am open to several ideas, from brunch, lunch or dinner....appetizers and drinks, alchohol or non-alchoholic. What i envision is a casual but nice place for about 20 adults and 5 kids (well behaved restaurant kids) possibly outdoor garden. does not have to be a private room.

He likes all foods but we are looking for either american, italian, continental....somehting good for all ages. we could do a nice sit down or even pizza or burgers. BBQ is good as well. Cost is a factor..I started out with a $500 budget (i know cant do drinks as well as food for this) but I feel liek that was probably insane....anyone have any ideas that either fits that budget or isn't triple that price? just in general that i can look into? interested in a weekend, pref. a saturday afternoon.

any advice and direction would be great, Ive searched the boards and only come up with a cuple of places mentioned again and again, none of which really work for us, but thanks in advance for any help! it's kind of overwhelming lol.

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  1. Have you thought of a brunch reception at Scottadito in Park Slope? My husband and I had our Saturday brunch wedding reception for about 30 people. It was extremely inexpensive and really nice. They have a back garden area (glassed in, so weather is not a problem) that had the most lovely light. The food was simple and delicious and everyone had a great time. The brunch beverage package of unlimited mimosas was only $5 extra per person. I think the brunch was about $30 a person for food only. Check it out. We loved it!