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Candy Store (MSP)


I'm looking for good candy stores - the kind that have bulk bins of gummies, jawbreakers, suckers and so on. I'm mostly interested in metro area candy stores, but would love to hear about any really excellent ones in out state Minnesota in case I would happen to travel by them. I would like to take my little boy to candy stores on occasion as a special treat and don't know where any are nowadays..


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  1. There's Candyland in downtown MPLS of course. But for something different, there's a candy store in the Mercado Central on E. Lake St. that has bins of Mexican candy. It's fun to try the unusual flavors. The staff is really friendly.


    1. Well, in outstate MN, Aunt Belle's Confectionary in Park Rapids sounds like exactly what you're looking for. www.auntbelles.com

      I like Regina's on St. Clair (at Cleveland) in St. Paul. www.reginascandies.com They have less of the bulk bins, but it's still a wonderland for kids (and adults).

      I know I'm forgetting a lot...looking forward to the responses.

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        I'll second the Regina's recommendation. They make a decent amount of their candy as well.

      2. Tremblay's Sweet Shop is a very authentic candy shop. They even have a little old lady (plus other staff) that hand pours fudge, brittle and caramels. They have bulk bin stuff where you can make your own assortment. They have threee locations- Hayward and Eagle River, WI and Stillwater. I can only vouch for the Stillwater one since it is near our cabin, but it is lots of fun, very affordable, and yummy. I did see they will also sell to you online.

        1. If you're in downtown Minneapolis, there's a little candy shop in the skyway level of the Northstar building, across from Taco John's and My Burger. They sell gelato and also a small selection of bars and cupcakes--lemon bars, raspberry-almond bars. I've never purchased candy, but been impressed with the varied selection. I'm not sure I'd make a special trip downtown for it, but if you're in the area on a weekday, it may be worth a stop.

          1. Regina's Candy! It's an old-fashioned family-run place with classic containers of candy, chocolates (which they hand-dip in the basement), and lots of old-timey selections like ribbon candy and really good peanut brittle.

            They have "scoop-your-own" bins for wrapped hard candies (the peppermints are wonderful), and they'll bag up the unwrapped candy to order. (Like my standard order of fruit slices: 6 lemon, 6 lime, and 12 grapefruit.)

            I love Regina's, and I'm sure your son will, too. Oh, and once a year, they have an open house (I think it's in the fall), when you can troup though the back to watch them make the peanut brittle and dip the chocolates, with plenty of free samples. It's a great family outing.


            P.S. Aha - found the link for Regina's Annual Tour. It's in October:

            Regina's Fine Candies
            2073 Saint Clair Ave, St Paul, MN

            1. Thanks for the replies everyone, Regina's looks like a great place to start. If I go to the fall tour there I will definitely report back.

              I don't know how I forgot about Candyland downtown... so many of the places I used to visit downtown are gone and I don't get around there as much.

              1. Sugar Sugarwww.sugar-sugarcandy.com/‎
                3801 Grand Avenue South, Minneapolis, Mn.
                You must look at the website to see this incredible little store that looks like it belongs in Paris. Something for everyone, buy a single piece from the bulk jars or invest in hand-crafted high end chocolate bars. Jars of gummies, malted milk balls, organic suckers, hard to find brands...exquisite.

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                  Yes, Sugar Sugar.

                  When you are done there, go across the street to Victor's 1959 Cafe for lunch. That's a bonus.

                2. The short lived Alex in Wonderland in Edina was the best, Sugar-Sugar is great too.

                  1. Candy Jar-38th and Cedar. I like it's old school feel.

                    1. reidys market at 3904 42nd Ave S Minneapolis is not a real candy store (or a real market) but sprinkled among the usual suspects are some nice surprises like Chuckles and the little 25 cent Ferrara Pan boxes (boston beans, jawbreakers, lemonheads...)

                      this breaking news from Ferrara Pan ; Newsflash!
                      Boston Baked Beans aren’t really beans: they’re candy-coated peanuts!

                      1. Technically not MN, but 20 min east of St. Paul in downtown Hudson, WI there is Knoke's Chocolates. It's not just great chocolate. They have great ice cream and a great selection of candies. On Saturdays you can go in and build you own chocolate bar.