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Aug 27, 2009 05:47 AM

Best Sushi Paoli/Malvern Area!?

Hi, I looking for the Best Place to get Sushi in the Paoli/Malvern Area!!!
Blue Fin is an option but if there is anythin just as good closer to Paoli/Malvern, recomendations would be appreciated!

It would be for 6-12 people and to celebrate my friend's 30th Birthday!


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  1. My wife took me to Nectar in Berwyn for my birthday and I was very satisfied with it. The guys at the sushibar took great care of us.

    As for comparing it to Bluefin, I wouldn't be the one to ask as I am not a fan of Bluefin in the least.

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    1. re: mitchh

      I'll second the Nectar rec - We've been 4-5 times, and always left completely satisfied and full :) There is a bit more to the menu than just sushi, so for a larger group, that might be good. (we usually just get sushi to start ) But the space itself is really cool too - definitely a "celebration" type place.

      1. re: becky315

        I'll provide a dissenting view re. Nectar.

        dThe food is not unpleasant, though not nearly as artful and clean as Blue Fin but the noise is untenable. The dishes remind me of a low end copy of Morimoto as do the cocktails. But it is a very popular spot, obviously they are doing some things right though the greatest seems to be creating a good place to wear a cute outfit!

        My husband and I always joke that Nectar is the place you take people you have to go out with but don't want to talk with!

        1. re: Kater


          When was the last time you went to Nectar? I thought that the presentation of the rolls was great. They even made one spicy salmon roll in the shape of hearts for us.

          I do agree that it's a noisy location, but the decor is very nice.

          Regardless if I was a fan of Bluefin or not, I wouldn't go to a place like that for a special occasion like a 30th birthday. A 30th birthday celebration is something that I would want to remember and going to a more upscale establishment like Nectar would be my choice and not a restaurant in a strip shopping center.

          And, before anyone jumps on me for being anti-Bluefin, I wouldn't take someone to any of my favorite local places for their 30th birthday either.

          Frankly, if money wasn't an object, I'd rent a limo and go to Morimoto.

          1. re: mitchh

            You see! We always end up agreeing. I celebrated my 30th at Morimoto. I am a Blue Fin fan but would not go there for a celebration either.

            It has been about a year since I visited Nectar. There was a period when we were there quite often because of work functions and friends who favored it. Ultimately there is nothing they can do to the rolls (and yes presentation is a strong suit) that could make up for the noise because that is a pet peeve of mine.

            1. re: Kater

              That's pretty coincidental. Did you do the Omakase for your birthday too?

            2. re: mitchh

              I am not a big fan of Blue Fin either, it ranks 3rd/4th for me in the overall Philadelphia area. That's why I asked for opinions on here. We could only get Sushi there too and I don't think everybody would like that.
              I think Morimoto and Ooka are much better Sushi in the area.

      2. what about margaret kuo's? I love the sushi there, prefer the bar but that depends on how many people?

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          I asked the Birthday Girl if she wants to go to Nectar, Yangming, Margaret Kuo's or someplace else in her area. Thanks everybody!