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Aug 27, 2009 05:29 AM


I'm looking for some recommendations on where to buy Mexican tortas.

The best Mexican torta that I've had so far is at Nuevo Mexico on 5th Avenue in Brooklyn, between 11th and 12th Streets, but I'm looking for more suggestions. I've also tried tortas at Celixico on Union Street and Oaxaca on Smith Street, both in Brooklyn, and at Pinche Taqueria on Lafayette in Manhattan, none of which impressed me.

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  1. Pinche's tortas are terrible. The ones at Taqueria y Fonda la Mexicana are my favorite in Manhattan. The El Angelo taco truck makes decent milanesa but fantastic chorizo. I have heard good things about Cafe Ollin, supposedly they are the best in the city, but I have yet to verify.

    Stay away from the Torta Truck in Spanish Harlem. Not very good.

    1. Try the tortas at Fast and Fresh Deli on Hoyt St.

      Fast and Fresh Deli
      84 Hoyt St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

      1. I just had a fantastic chile rellenos torta this week at Chavella's on Classon Ave. in Prospect Hts/Crown Heights.

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            I haven't tried the chile relleno torta's at Chavellas but I did have a torta de chorizo con papas. It blew! Soggy and flavorless. I had to ask for extra lime and tapatios because there wasn't even a bottle on the table. Oh yeah and the tacos sucked too.

          2. it ain't a torta, but if you like those, hit up a cemita at coatzingo's in jackson heights. or, hit up a pambazo in sunset although I haven't hit it myself; it looks amazing tho.


            1. the ones at la esquina are good, albeit not super authentic bc I think they use baguettes, but they are quite tasty