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Aug 27, 2009 03:34 AM

Where Can I Find Yakisoba Sauce?

When living in San Francisco, I use to find yakisoba sauce in a plastic sqeeze bottle. I'm coming to NYC soon and hoping to pick up a few bottles. Any idea where I can find some? Thanks!

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  1. Didn't know it came in bottles.
    Everyone I know seems to have their own recipe. Old Japanese lady I know uses some oil, Lawry's seasoning salt and worchestershire sauce.

    1. Probably in a lot of places, there good handful of Japanese grocery/convenience stores in Manhattan and the Korean places carry a lot of Japanese things. The most likely are the two Sunrise Marts (East Village and Soho) and Katagiri on E 59th St.

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        I find that it is very difficult to find. I use to find it consistently in Costa Mesa at Mitsuwa. I think there is one in NJ. I would only want to make the trip if I knew it was there and not available anywhere else in NYC.

        1. re: JonH

          They have it at Sunrise Mart. It is a very generic type of Japanese grocery item. Have it at Katagiri and Yagura also and very well may have it at H-Mart on 32nd Korea Way.