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serious Aug 27, 2009 03:25 AM

Do you seed cucumbers before adding to recipes? I leave or partially remove the peel but never leave the seeds. What is gained by leaving seeds?

  1. ipsedixit Aug 27, 2009 03:17 PM

    Not for Japanese (or English) cucumbers.

    All others, yes ... (especially if the skin is waxy).

    1. h
      Harters Aug 27, 2009 03:07 PM

      Usually de-seed. Never peel as I think it adds colour to whatever I'm doing with it.

      1. Paulustrious Aug 27, 2009 12:40 PM

        If you do not want the cukes to release as much water then seed them (and if you want, salt them as well).
        Do this if you are preparing a Greek salad for tomorrow. (In fact keep the cukes in a separate bowl until the following day.)

        1. p
          pcdarnell Aug 27, 2009 11:13 AM

          Somebody once told me that if you peel and de-seed a cuke it makes it less likely to make you burp after eating it.

          1. phofiend Aug 27, 2009 06:29 AM

            Depends on the cucumber. Small kirby cukes, which are my favorite, have tender seeds with little of the mucoid slime between. Ditto for the English cucumbers.

            I rarely buy the big dark green ones, as I find they tend to be bitter and have tough seeds. But if that's all there is, then yes, I seed them, slice thinly, and salt them to release some excess water.

            I also always peel cucumbers completely. I can't stand unpeeled cucumbers, and feel they ruin a good salad.

            1. shaogo Aug 27, 2009 04:52 AM

              Seed and peel. It's more work, but worth it.

              1. v
                Val Aug 27, 2009 04:05 AM

                I usually leave them in....I would imagine that some fiber would be gained by leaving them in, nutritionally, but am not sure about that.

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