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Aug 26, 2009 11:58 PM

Cold Stone milkshake flavourless: any decent shakes in downtown Toronto ?

Today I was returning some DVD's just sotth of Bloor and Bay, so ventured into the Tim Horton's in the same building which now shares space with Cold Stone, and ordered the attractive-sounding "Caramel Latte" milkshake, supposedly made with coffee ice cream and caramel syrup. My $5 for a medium bought a large container that tasted sweet and nothing else. I should have been warned when I saw the anemic pale-beige coloured ice cream being scooped into the mixer. What a disappointment !

Are any of Cold Stone's other shake flavours any better ? ie, do they actually taste of a discernible, definite flavour ? And where might one conveniently find a really ace traditionally-made shake in the downtown core ?

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  1. Here's a recent discussion that has some pointers:

    1. Slightly east of downtown, but a good old fashioned milkshake is found at Collegiate Lunch on Gerrard St.
      The milk shake is made in a 60's vintage machine, often seen in antique shops, but this one used steadily over the years. Good homeburgers, too.

      Collegiate Lunch
      1024 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M1Z5, CA

      1. I had a fantastic traditionally made shake at Johnny Rockets at Yonge and Dundas the other day. Nice thick texture served in a curvy glass with the rest of the shaker on the side so you can top up.

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          I'm not a huge fan of JR's food, but I agree they make a very good milkshake.

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            I have been to JR in the US a number of times, especially for the malts, but when i tried it here, both at younge and dundas and Vaughan mills i could not believe the quantity you "did not" get. The glass arrived about 2/3rds full, and the remainder which was in the shaker consisted of about 1 oz, not even enough to fill the glass to the top. in the US, you get a full glass and well over a third full shaker. I questioned the server at both locations, knowing its not their fault but store policy, it turns out its the owners policy who owns both location...well i have not been back since, although i still crave malts

        2. There is a little cafe at bay and wellesley that makes their own gelato, and they have really good gelato milkshakes. It is one block north of wellesley on the east side of bay, don't know the name of the cafe but all of their stuff is homemade, its kind of a hidden gem.

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          1. re: ddelicious

            Could it be this place?

            Tvanele Dolce and Gelato
            35 St. Joseph Street
            Toronto, ON M4Y1J8
            (416) 318-4066

            (Couldn't locate a web site)

          2. Just got back from the U.S. and I did go to a neighbourhood CS there. Our Tim Hortons-operated CS doesn't even come close to their U.S. counterparts in terms of items and especially service. The CS at Bay & Bloor is depressing - the servers put zero effort into mixing the slabs of ice cream at all. Selling ice cream is worse than coffee from the vibe I get from them.

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              Thanks for the heads-up on this. Goes back to what has been repeated numerous times here. When a U.S. company (retail store or restaurant) opens in Canada, invariably they charge higher prices for lower quality than they do south of the border. I won't waste my time with Cold Stone Timmies and I'll save my CS fix for my next trip south.

              1. re: garynye

                I went with a friend 3 weeks ago. she ordered an ice cream and i just watched (CS is too sweet for me). i've been to CS in the States and there, the employees seem to be having fun and do a great job mixing it. at the CS in Greektown, the employee looked confused and indifferent. 3 quick mixes and a lumpy ice cream was presented. very disappointing. maybe the employees are new, but it seems like a poor training job was done.