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Aug 26, 2009 10:39 PM

Prince George Dinning

I'm heading to Prince George in early September. Does anybody out there have an idea on a good resturandt for dinner ? Thank you

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  1. For excellent "high end" Italian try North 54.

    For more casual Italian/Mediterranean, with very good fresh pasta dishes and more, try Cimo.

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      1. Has anyone heard of Ric's Seafood & Chop House in Prince Geroge ? I looked it up but have no reviews ...Most appreciated !

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          I am assuming that it is the chain which I think began in Prince George and has since expanded to Kamloops, Edmonton, Lethbridge and several other western cities.

          We often eat at one of the two outlets in Kamloops either en route to or back from Tofino.

          Pretty steady.

          Here in Edmonton there are several and the quality in my experience varies.

          1. Try Latitude 54. We were there mid-August for a wedding and stopped in here to get "a bite". Once we were seated discovered it was not a place to rush the experience. Took our time and had a blast. Memorable was the Beef Carpaccio and the Halibut. Very friendly services and not too terribly expensive.

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                I could have sworn it was called "Latitude 54", but I've been wrong before! Whatever the name, it was great food!