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Aug 26, 2009 10:28 PM

Taking the bus to Parkway for a Po'Boy?

Well I'm finally going to make it back to New Orleans - first trip back since Katrina.
I've been to New Orleans quite a few times but have never gone to Parkway for a Po'boy.
Is the Canal Street trolly running? If not I was thinking about taking the bus - usually ride
the bus or streetcar unless it's someplace I need to get to at a certain time or out of the
way then it's a cab. It looks like Parkway is about 4 blocks from Canal - will be staying in
the Quarter. OK to take the bus or better to take a cab? Oyster po'boy or roast beef?
Don't I wish all decisions in life were so difficult. Thanks - so happy to be finally "coming
back home". (no I'm not local - just another want-to-be)

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  1. The streetcar is up and running. You can take the streetcar to Jefferson Davis Parkway. Get off the streetcar and make a right. Go down about 4 blocks. Parkway is located at the corner of Hagan and Toulouse. For exact directions, check Parkway's website, but this is pretty close. I love the oyster po boy at Parkway. The best roast beef IMHO is at Parasols. Welcome home and have a great time.

    1. I'm pretty sure that the Canal St. streetcar is actually down for repairs right now, supposedly for another week or ten days (estimated repair time was 8 weeks from July 8). It might be back up by the time you are here. If not, a bus is running in its place, and you just wait for the bus on the sidewalk across the street from the sign or shelter indicating a streetcar stop. They have little temporary signs out on the sidewalk marking some, but not all, of the bus stops. Anyway, it's an easy walk to Parkway from the bus/streetcar stop. I love the shrimp poboy at Parkway.

      1. The Canal Streetcar is definitely not running, so take the bus. I don't think you can go wrong with roast beef, shrimp, or oyster poboy, all exemplars of the genre.

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          When I was home in July, I guess I did not pay attention because we so rarely ride the streetcar. I assumed the OP was asking if streetcars were running since Katrina. The bus would be a much better option than a cab, as it is so easy to get to.

          1. re: ScarlettNola

            They went off-line in early July and won't be back until some time in Sept., if they are on schedule.

            1. re: ScarlettNola

              Guess I thought more NOLA board members lived in the city. We come over from Houston about every 6 or 8 weeks and hear that the Canal st streetcar will be down through October.

              From the Parkway, it's an easy bus ride back down Esplanade to the quarter. I forget the number--it's the City Park bus.

              1. re: superk

                I grew up Uptown, and my entire family (besides husband and I) still live there. I am homesick quite a bit and hope at some point we can move back. We do make it a point to make it home every 2 months or so to enjoy our family and all the incredible food.

                1. re: superk

                  There are a lot of people on the board that live in New Orleans. Speaking as someone who lived there for roughly 40 of my 44 years, I have no idea what the bus schedule is, I took the bus three months during high school and it was down Airline Highway to get home after school. Public transportation is not used by a majority of people in New Orleans, unlike other cities. That being said, I make it a point to ride the streetcar when I visit.

                  1. re: roro1831

                    I would qualify that to say that public transportation is not used by the majority of people with means. Public transportation is something that many of our residents depend on. Sorry to get political, but it's kind of ridiculous how bad our public transport is when so many people depend on it.

                    1. re: dookie_doo

                      And I would qualify THAT by saying that plenty of uptown commuters "with means" use the St. Charles and Magazine lines to get to work, but outside of those lines the people who depend on it are folks with fewer means. And as a daily rider, it seems to me to be getting better in terms of being on schedule and adding routes. However, I don't usually use it at night when I'm going out to restaurants, nor would I recommend that visitors rely on it if they have reservations. Luckily, I have the means to call the occasional taxi.

            2. You can check the bus/streetcar info here:


              1. Just returned from New Orleans (90+ temp and 85% humidity - hot and muggy but no big deal I was finally back in New Orleans) to say thanks for all your help. Canal Streetcar line was up and running - made it to Parkway for a great oyster po'boy. Very easy ride, you can take either of the Redline Streetcars (to City Park or Cemeteries). 4 block walk - felt very safe (~5 pm) Had a great oyster po'boy dressed - roast beef next trip. Could not believe the amount of oysters in the po'boy - at least twice the amount from other shops. Plus they were fried nice and light - light? reminded me a lot of the oysters at Casamento's. Another big plus was the staff, everyone was super friendly, Dad was taking the orders while the two sons were doing the cooking. Folks behind the tavern/bar were also very friendly. I was there about 5 pm - so I avoided the lunch rush. For all of you other tourists (like me) the po'boys dressed come with lettuce, tomatoes and pickle - there are packets of condiments where you pick up your order and hot sauce on the tables so you finish "dressing" the po'boys yourself.