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Aug 26, 2009 09:32 PM

IHOP: Swedish pancakes fantastic

When in doubt when there is nothing but chain food to be found, you will not do better than the Swedish pancakes on the IHOP menu. Superb and reliable. The craving, gotta have it type food that puts IHOP into a class by itself.

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  1. Really?? i've been tempted to get these the past few times I've eaten at IHOP, but can't resist the butterscotch rocks ones.

    What makes them so good?

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    1. re: Honeychan

      What makes them so good? Perfect pan-cooked eggy crepes, sweet -tart lingonberry jam and puddles of whipped lingonberry butter.

      Once we ran into an IHOP in Florida that (gasp) ruined them with that spray-on whip cream as a "gift" in response to our stated enthusiasm, which we were able to successfully scrape off, much to their chagrin.

      Don't let them mess with success. This is just an egg, flour, sugar and butter classic. It needs no further gilding. Anyone who makes crepes on the back of a frying pan with hard crisp edges, as some creperies do, should be banished to eat at only Wagamama for eternal punishment.

      1. re: glbtrtr

        Absolutely my favorite at IHOP. My German Mom makes Pfannkuchen that taste like the crepes at IHOP. The lingonberry sauce and butter make it Swedish and they are oh so good, especially when served hot with a good cup of coffee.

        I'm craving them right now.