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Aug 26, 2009 09:14 PM

Opinions about Sprouts

Recently found out about, and visited, Sprouts in Irvine. What's the concensus about it? Compared to Henrys? Compared to Wholesome Foods? Compared to the produce place on 17th Street in Costa Mesa?

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  1. Love all of the sausages that are made fresh daily.

    1. It strikes me as a Henry's clone, or a poor man's Whole Foods. Not quite as crunchy as Mother's Market, but I suppose there's an overlap with them too. That Sprouts has less selection than either Henry's or WF, by my eyeball.

      I'm lucky to live in Irvine, where we have Wholesome Choice, Super Irvine (both Persian markets), two 99 Ranches in my immediate neighborhood, three Costcos within 10 miles, Trader Joe's galore, plus a Smart & Final down the street from me. Between all those, I've never really felt I needed to go to Sprouts.

      1. I live near the Sprouts in Torrance.

        I've never been to Henry's or 17th St.

        I get the vibe it's a cross between my local farmer's market and trader joes.

        I basically go there for produce. I find the prices very reasonable for produce.

        Other notable regular purchases I make at Sprouts: 1, The fresh meat/fish counter is almost always good for a bargain...and it tastes fresh too. The meat/fish counter service is on par with Whole Foods. 2. I can always get Ezekial tortillas for my wife (my local TJ's will often run out). 3. The bulk bin selection for grains and candy is pretty good too.

        1. It's OK. It's like Henry's, but more expensive and with slightly better produce. Not as good as Wholesome Choice, not as good (but much, much, MUCH cheaper) than Whole Paycheque in Tustin.

          Haven't bought fish.

          It's telling that I was looking at circulars from Jax and Sprouts in my local mailbox stuffer spam and some of the same items were features (pork shoulder, peaches) and Sprouts was nearly 3x the price of Jax.

          1. I don't think their prices are so great & I get far better produce at the farmer's market. I love their bulk bins though...great when I need just a little of something. They also have bulk spices which has saved me a lot of money when I only need 1/2 tsp of something. The other bargain is that their cilantro is 3 for $1. other than that..meh.

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              You know, I'll give you that their bulk bins are great -- but they're the same as Henry's which is closer to me. As for cilantro, I shop at Mexican markets, so 3 for $1 is expensive to me. :)