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Aug 26, 2009 09:11 PM

Moules Frites in Dallas?

Just watched Throwdown with Bobby Flay, (not my fave show btw) but the challenge dish looked amazing and I have never had the pleasure of trying it. Just wondering if Moules Frites or Mussels and fries exists in the Dallas area?

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  1. I love mussels! I havent seen the frites sold with them but that sound tasty. I have my favorite mussels spots in town and look forward to hearing all the ones I havent tried. I will gather a list.

    1. Ginger - Go try them at Salum on Cole. They are something to remember and perfectly executed every time. Splurge for the garlic aioli.

      1. I see that Cadot (probably DD's favorite mussel spot) has mussels on the menu and also a smoked salmon appetizer on the menu with straw potatoes. Perhaps you can convince them to serve Moules Frites as an appetizer. It is worth a shot and I am sure it would be cheaper than Salum, not that Salum is a bad choice.

        1. As I remember Citrus Bistro also serves them.

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            The Old Monk does a respectable job with them. Plus you have large choice of Belgiun Beers to go with.

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              I was about to say Old Monk. I also heard that they are making them using the old Green Room recipe at Park.

          2. Toulouse on Knox has my favorite, especially the Thai. I look for places that move a lot of them so you know they're fresh. Toulouse fits that bill, plus has a nice and reasonable French wine list.

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              I second Toulouse -- big, plump mussels offered in different preparations. Broth that makes you want to dredge a whole baguette through it. Oh, man, now I have to go there.

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                Was on a mussel hunt this week and Touslouse had a lot of nice variations, including the OP's moules.. They also serve a version of the Green Room mussels ala Marc Cassel.