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Aug 26, 2009 07:50 PM

Recommendations along route from Saint Johnsbury to Derby Center, Vermont.

Hi All. We are planning on driving from Saint Johnsbury to Derby Center on I-91, renting a place on Lake Memphremagog. So we are looking for any dining, market, or other recommendations. We will be traveling with our two dogs, so we would also really appreciate any dog friendly suggestions.

Since we will be so close to the Canadian border, we may drive across for the day. Welcome those recommendations as well (will catch out posts in Canada threads).

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Is Element still in St. Johnsbury? Anyone know? I've heard good things about that. Don't think they're dog friendly, though. :)

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    1. re: Morganna

      No, they're not dog friendly, but definitely still around and a good place to go for dinner.
      Are you driving on a Saturday? The St. J farmers market had some yummy treats last time we were there. I'd imagine it's even better now that harvest season is upon us.
      Trout River brewery in Lyndonville is a great place for a pizza and beer - you could probably get takeout (including a growler) and hang out at Bandstand Park eating, with the dogs chilling.
      I can't really think of any dog-friendly places to sit down and eat - our JRTs always stay at the in-laws or my parents while we go out to eat.

      1. re: bakinggirl

        We love Trout River! A nice lunch stop.
        Sounds like our dogs may be staying home some evenings while we grab some dinner. Unfortunately driving on Monday so going to miss the farmer's market.

        Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

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          While I’m a big fan of Trout River, love their beer, enjoy their pizza, what I don’t like is that my wife and I can’t get out of there for less than $60. The pizzas aren’t big enough for just one to fill two hungry mountain bikers after a ride, so it is two pies and two beers each and we are looking at $60 or so. Since we are up there (have a house in Lyndonville) about 3 days per week we have made a habit of going next door to The Pizza Man, great young owner and actually makes a pretty darn good pie and calzone. The subs are decent as well. I would stick with sausage, roni cheese etc. as the veggies are fresh when they put them on the pie and therefore can keep the crust from crisping up as well due to the moisture…….We can get out of there with one large pie, 2-4 beers for $30-35 at the most.

          Just figured I would offer an alternative.

      2. Lago Trattotia in Newport:

        Probably not dog friendly though - few top restaurants are,

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        1. re: velotrain

          velotrain - thanks for the Lago Trattoria recommendation. We had dinner there last night. Sandy was our server and also the sister to chef/owner. She was friendly and knowledgeable. For appetizers, we had the cesear salad and their special "native" tomato stuffed with avocado and lobster drizzled with balsamic vinegar. It sounds like such an interesting combination of ingredients. The flavors were wonderful, the balsamic really brought out the flavors. This appetizer can easily be shared. For entrees, we had the Stuffed Chicken with was stuffed with a sweet sausage stuffing; risotto and asparagus on the side. I had the Bologese Toscano with homemade paradelle. I only had few bites as I was still stuffed from the tomato, but it was delicious (we took the rest to go).

          1. re: travelames

            Glad you liked it - just saw your review of East Side on your NEK thread and pointed out that you should have gone to Lago instead - apparently you did another night!