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super markets

where do chowhounds shop
i go to pathmark for eggs milk and stuff but the local farmers market for porduce

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  1. Trader Joe's
    Whole Foods
    local specialty shops & natural food stores
    occasionally stop at Pathmark, A&P or Shop Rite if they have a good price on something i need.

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      I hit the same TJ's and Mitsuwa as well as the A&P in Edgewater depending what is on sale. I get produce at the produce market by my office and at the weekly farmers market in Hoboken.

    2. Regularly:
      local farmers market
      Trader Joe's
      Grand Asia or Vietnamese market near my home
      Earps (local fish market)

      Every so often:
      Fresh Market
      Whole foods
      Earth Fare
      Harris Teeter
      Food Lion
      Lowes Foods

      When I can work it in to a road trip:
      Amazing Savings (WNC)
      Your Dekalb Farmers Market

      I tried a CSA, but the pickup spots just weren't convenient for me. I'm open to trying again in the future if that situation changes.

      1. In Las Vegas:
        Trader Joe's
        Sunflower Market
        International Marketplace
        Fresh & Easy, every once and awhile, as well as Wal-Mart
        In LA:
        Marukai Market

        1. Trader Joe's, Market Basket, Farmers Market's, and my garden......that is all :)

          1. In Metro Detroit:

            Hillers (local chain with store within walking distance of home)
            Meijer (cheapest chain, commodity-type shopping)
            Trader Joes (one near home, one near work!)
            Farmers market/farm stand in season

            Once every couple of weeks:
            Busch's (local chain with store near work)
            Westborn (local produce/"gourmet" store)

            Once a month-ish:
            Whole Foods

            Once every couple of months:
            Asian market
            Indian market
            Middle Eastern market
            Mexican market

            2x a year
            Polish market

            1. Kroger
              Fresh Market
              Local seafood and butcher shops

              1. Whole Foods
                Roche Bros.
                Trader Joe's
                Market Basket
                Wilson Farms
                Verrill Farms

                The last two are farm stands of long standing in the Boston area (although they're both much larger than typical "farm stands"). Roche Bros. and Market Basket are both local chain supermarkets.

                I also shop Stop & Shop or Shaw's if I need something and am passing them. (ETA: I no longer buy meat at Stop & Shop, however, having had a Thanksgiving ruined because of a spoiled turkey.) BJ's Wholesale Club on occasion, but it's not a regular shop.

                Whenever Wegman's opens up in Westwood, I'll visit on rare occasion (if I'm visiting with my sister on the South Shore), but don't expect it to be a regular occurrence. And after hearing from friends who went to Central Market in the Plano, TX area, I'd kill for one of them to open in the Boston area. :-)

                1. In the CA central valley:

                  Richland market (a "standard" grocery store, small local chain, maybe 2 or three stores?). Next door to where I work, so it's used around midday or after work for that last ingredient I need before taking off.
                  Winco (I like to call it the "generic costco" lol), where I get most of my seasonings (are you kidding? they have every seasoning BY THE POUND?!?! *faint with joy*)
                  Cash and Carry (a small restaurant supply place.... with good prices on chicken, and a few other things I can buy in huge quantities and actually go through.... like the monster can of hershey's lol!)
                  Save mart (used for the late-night "OMG gotta make that dish I just found a recipe for!")
                  I'll sometimes hit costco if my MIL is going

                  1. Walmart. Ok, that is where this Chowhound goes when she is not feeling particularly responsible and being lazy.
                    In an ideal world, that I am working toward, I go to the farmer's market for produce and to Ingles or Bi Lo for everything else. (Smaller chains with around 200 stores each.) My goal is to finally find the butcher, the bakery, and to explore a couple of local dairies to see if they sell to the public. I haven't been to the latino or oriental markets yet. Food Lion is last, because it is most convenient. (The chain has around 1200 stores.) I plan to avoid Wally-world at all costs in the future.

                    1. Local country market (produce & baked goods) weekly
                      Fishmonger weekly
                      Superstore weekly (I don't bother with a butcher except for special occasions, their meat is very good)
                      Farmer's market as often as possible in season - but it's only open Saturday morning & is a full morning's outing, and we like to camp on the weekend, so that's not nearly as often as I would like
                      Sobeys occasionally
                      Cosco a couple times a year

                      1. I go to the farmers' market for produce, right now most things come in my CSA shipment.

                        Harris Teeter and Whole Foods for other produce and meat, based on sales.

                        Whole Foods for spices and dried herbs.

                        Food lion for frozen and packaged goods because it is walking distance from my apartment and considerably cheaper than Harris Teeter.

                        The Food lion in my neighborhood is also very good for Central/South American ingredients since the population within walking distance is about 50% Latino. For Asian ingredients, there is a large Asian market about 30 minutes away. It isn't on the way to/from anywhere else for me, so I make special trips a few times a year.

                        1. In Chicago suburbs

                          Farmer's Market
                          Timber Creek Farms Organic (delivery)
                          Bizio's Fresh Market
                          occasionally Jewel
                          local bakery