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Aug 26, 2009 07:36 PM

super markets

where do chowhounds shop
i go to pathmark for eggs milk and stuff but the local farmers market for porduce

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  1. Trader Joe's
    Whole Foods
    local specialty shops & natural food stores
    occasionally stop at Pathmark, A&P or Shop Rite if they have a good price on something i need.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      I hit the same TJ's and Mitsuwa as well as the A&P in Edgewater depending what is on sale. I get produce at the produce market by my office and at the weekly farmers market in Hoboken.

    2. Regularly:
      local farmers market
      Trader Joe's
      Grand Asia or Vietnamese market near my home
      Earps (local fish market)

      Every so often:
      Fresh Market
      Whole foods
      Earth Fare
      Harris Teeter
      Food Lion
      Lowes Foods

      When I can work it in to a road trip:
      Amazing Savings (WNC)
      Your Dekalb Farmers Market

      I tried a CSA, but the pickup spots just weren't convenient for me. I'm open to trying again in the future if that situation changes.

      1. In Las Vegas:
        Trader Joe's
        Sunflower Market
        International Marketplace
        Fresh & Easy, every once and awhile, as well as Wal-Mart
        In LA:
        Marukai Market

        1. Trader Joe's, Market Basket, Farmers Market's, and my garden......that is all :)

          1. In Metro Detroit:

            Hillers (local chain with store within walking distance of home)
            Meijer (cheapest chain, commodity-type shopping)
            Trader Joes (one near home, one near work!)
            Farmers market/farm stand in season

            Once every couple of weeks:
            Busch's (local chain with store near work)
            Westborn (local produce/"gourmet" store)

            Once a month-ish:
            Whole Foods

            Once every couple of months:
            Asian market
            Indian market
            Middle Eastern market
            Mexican market

            2x a year
            Polish market