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Aug 26, 2009 06:34 PM

Who has the best cheese plate in Portland?

I'm just wondering which restaurant in town offers the best selection of cheese in your opinions? I actually have no idea but I'm craving a nice selection. If there are any places that have a good happy hour deal on cheese I'm interested too. Thanks.

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  1. has a great cheese cart with some wonderful choices. Fun atmosphere and good food.

    1. my favorite is at saraveza. they offer a nice selection of steve's cheeses, some charcuterie, and the best house made pickles i've had from any restaurant. and they'll offer up beer pairing ideas if that sort of thing interests you.

      and as for happy hour specials, they do a pretty good sized ritz cracker/summer sausage/tillamook cheddar plate for $2 or $3.

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        Carlyle does a nice cheese service. Not sure if it's available during happy though.

        1. re: Kim D

          Yes it is, $9 during happy hour with a purchase of a cocktail.

          I'm also partial to the cheeses at Le Pigeon and Ten01, though the place where I've most often gotten the cheese plate was at Clyde Common.

      2. Thanks for the tips. Saraveza is pretty much my favorite bar right now. They also have $1.50 half pours of beer for happy hour and they have some really thoughtful beers on tap. I'll be trying Carlyle and CC soon.

        1. I remember enjoying the cheese plate at Beast the times that I've been there, but of course there's no happy hour there!