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Aug 26, 2009 06:33 PM

any gadget suggestions in the $15 range? available at amazon?

hi everyone- I need a new can opener (glamorous, I know) and chose a safety opener from kuhn rikon. I'd also like an egg slicer mostly to use on mushrooms and chose one of those as well... so now i figure i should take advantage of the amazon buy 3 get one free promo...

any suggestions? would prefer that it be in the same price range so it's sort of worth it...

i'm leaning toward an all clad pasta ladle? anything else? I don't have tons of space for uni-taskers but do love kitchen gadgets....


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  1. I got some nice plastic measuring cups and spoons from Amazon a couple of years ago, after reading the Cook's Illustrated equipment review on the subject. (The ones I got were not one of the brands CI had recommended, but did have good customer reviews on Amazon.) Lately I've been eyeing a (CI-recommended) Trudeau gravy/fat separator and either the (CI-recommended) Cusipro measuring cup or the OXO Good Grips measuring cup (I've got the Oxo 2-cup, but need to replace my cheap 1-cup liquid measuring cup). If you have a subscription to the Cook's Illustrated website (the 2-week trial is free, and subscribers to their print edition get a discount on the website subscription), just browse their equipment reviews for stuff that looks useful where the recommended models are relatively cheap, and then look for those particular items on Amazon.

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      Which brand of measuring spoons and cups does CI recommend then? They also recommended cookie sheets and baking pans, but I lost all that info. Can you help?

    2. I've been meaning to get a silicone mixing bow or measuring cup, for the convenience of being able to neatly pour pancake and muffin batter, and homemade salad dressings into narrow-mouthed jars.

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          i second the microplane if you don't have one already.. it is very useful.. not just for grating parmesan.. but also for zesting lemons/oranges.. or grating ginger..

          1. re: miss.foodie

            I thrid on microplane. It is a great zester. I also suggest looking into a nice wood rolling pin or a lemon or lime squeezer.


        2. the microplane is always a good call. other ideas: a silpat if you do any baking, or a small spice mill if you like to grind your spices.

          1. This is about $30, but is my favorite kitchen addition in the past few years.
            You can set 4 timers at a time and it is set up visually, so I can immediately see which eye of the stove I'm setting it for. I absolutely love this thing!