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Aug 26, 2009 06:10 PM

downtown Pittsburgh, early breakfast

I will be arriving in Pittsburgh on the overnight train from Chicago on a Thursday morning, 5:15AM, leaving at 7:20AM

Is there a good place for breakfast (diner type food), near the railroad station, which is open that early? Pamela's and Deluca's don't open until after my departure time.

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  1. Not diner, but, there is a Bruggers Bagels that opens before the 7:20 train... which is usually late in arriving/leaving Pittsburgh so just be prepared. I think that it might open 6am. i have done it then wen leaving Pittsburgh. that might be about it. It is maybe 4 blocks away from the station door so not far at all.

    I don't know what your purpose of travel is, but I will say that I highly recommend taking a cooler on the train and bringing your own food. It is by far much nicer than the snack car. I can't remember now if the 7:20am is one that leaves for DC or NYC since I do both but if it is DC then there is a dining car in that one, not for NYC though.

    Let me know fi there are any more questions.

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        might Jo Jo's be open then? (Strip District Big Greasy Diner)

      2. Primanti's is always open. You can get a sandwich with just egg and cheese if you want (and fries, of course). ;-) Jo Jo's might be open. All of that is a fair bit away. Primanti's is at 18th Street, Pamela's at 21st, Jo Jo's at I think 24th Street. Deluca's is on Penn at about 20th or 19th. Weird that they don't open early enough; I would have thought by 6 they are open, but I guess the crowd is not actually there for that. Compare those to the train station at, well, about 11th really. So it's just 7 blocks to Primanti's, right? Well, the blocks up to 18th range from long to extremely long. I knew there was a reason this didn't feel like just a few block walk. It could take as much as 15 minutes to get down to the heart of the Strip there, I think. Just keep that in mind. With two hours it's doable, sure. I don't think there's anything else that comes immediately to mind. Can think of a couple that are gone (Steel City Diner, Palmer's). There's probably a restaurant in the Westin hotel that would be open, by far the closest place, but that'll just be overpriced for mediocre food. I'm not sure there's a table service restaurant with breakfast within the Golden Triangle anymore, outside of a hotel that is. Damned if I can think of one....