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Aug 26, 2009 05:03 PM

Looking for hot dog/sausage carts in Scarborough

Does anyone know where there are hot dog/sausage carts in the Scarborough area? Particularly ones that are open in the evening, though daytime-only ones are of interest as well.


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  1. i can't vouch for it - but I saw a hotdog "truck" outside of the new zellers one block west of Birchmount on Eglinton. Also there is another one outside of the Canadian Tire at Warden & Eglinton

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    1. re: Apple

      Canadian Tire Port union and Sheppard has a good one. Also Scarboro Town Center, by the wading pool.

    2. There's a guy that sets up a small stand (with seating) at the parking lot on the SW corner of Pharmacy and McNichol during the day. I think I've seen him there for a few years (not wintertime);never patronized it myself...don't suspect I ever will, but he must have some customers.

      1. Canadian Tire - McCowan/Sheppard
        Big Al's - Kennedy/Lawrence
        Rona - Midland/McNicoll

        1. There's a cart by the University of Toronto at Scarborough campus by the student centre.

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            This is probably a bit of a late reply, but ill give my 2 cents anyway. All Canadian Tires have the vendors outside, and all are pretty reliable, however they are only open during the day from like 11am-maybe 6pm.

            What I like to do is take a short car ride to Yonge and Eglinton, theres a Hot Dog vendor on the South-West corner who is open 24hrs. Either I go to him, or I take a bit longer of a drive and hit up a vendor at Queen and Simcoe. Its a bit of a drive, but we live in a beautiful city and its nice to see at night. If I remember right, Simcoe is One-Way south off Queen, so you can park right beside the vendor, no traffic or nothin.

            Other then that, Late night eats are limited in Scarborough to McDonalds, A&W and maybe T-Bones.