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Aug 26, 2009 04:55 PM

How long will tomato sauce keep in the fridge?

I made heirloom tomato sauce a week ago. I froze most of it, but kept a bowlful thinking that my husband and I would eat it last week. With family in town, the bowl went untouched and the sauce looks fine and smells fine. Does anyone think it might be dangerous to eat it tonight?

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  1. I make pizza sauce every week. I don't cook it and it lasts just about a week. The way I test it is to put a little sauce in my mouth.... if it has a zip to it (almost like a carbonated feel) it has started to turn and is inedible.

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      Lamlex, it sounds fine - to be extra-safe, especially if there's meat in it, let it simmer at the bubbling stage for 10 minutes before using it.

      Lenox, that little bit of carbonation is fermentation - it's still edible in the sense that although the taste is changing, it won't harm you at that point. If you wanted to rescue it you could cook it at that point, to stop the fermentation and get rid of the fizz. You might want to sweeten it a little to combat the vinegary change. It would then be okay for a few more days, or much longer if you then froze it.

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        No meat in the sauce and no fermentation, so I'm good to go. Thanks!