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Aug 26, 2009 04:50 PM

Canning time!

I just picked up a bushel of Romas so it looks like the fun will begin for me manana. What's every one else canning this season?
I hope to do some bread and butter pickles soon.

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  1. I've done peaches with rum already. I think I'll do more of those they came out so good -- the smell was wonderful and the peaches look great in the jars. I've also done blueberry jam. I had a small amount leftover and couldn't resist eating it with a spoon!

    Next up I'm doing a spicy salsa with greenmarket tomatoes and jalapenos (this will probably end up being gifts too). I'll do tomatoes in their own juice; pickled grape tomatoes; and a recipe I found for "jardiniere pickles" (zucchini, carrot, peppers, onions, together all pickled).

    But I was also reading the "do you peel the plums" thread and now I'm thinking I should do plum preserves as well. The stone fruit in our area has really been terrific. Later in the season when pears are in full swing I will probably do those too.

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      I've never done peaches but that sounds really good.

    2. Ooh, Fritter, will you post your bread and butter pickles recipe? I hate canning dills because I feel like mine are never as good as the store-bought, but I have such fond memories of homemade bread and butter pickles... and the ones in the store never live up to my expectations!!! :)

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        Sure I will put it up later today. ;)

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          I feel the same about the pickles - can never quite pickle 'em as good as store bought (my current favorite is Clausen....).
          Tomatoes, however are a different story.
          Last year, it took about 45 minutes of tasting fresh tomatoes at the farmer's market before I decided on my favorite. Brought a bushel home and started canning. The whole while wondering if it'd be worth it (both economically and taste-wise).

          We actually captured a taste of summer and treasured every jar over the winter. Although I could purchase canned tomatoes slightly cheaper, the home-canned were more than worth the effort.

          1. re: LauraGrace

            Sorry for the delay.
            Here is the bread and butter pickle recipe.

            Bread and Butter Pickles;

            8-10 cups sliced pickling cucumbers
            4 medium onions (I like sweet onions) sliced thin. Yield at least 2 cups.
            1/2 Cup salt.
            4 diced red peppers.
            2 cups cider vinegar or 3 cups white vinegar. (Pick one!)
            2.5 cups sugar.
            2 Tablespoons mustard seed.
            2 teaspoons celery seed.
            1.5 teaspoons tumeric.
            1 cinnamon stick.
            4 teaspoons additional salt.

            Combine the pickles, onions and the 1/2 cup of salt in a glass or SS bowl. Let stand one hour. Rinse ligthly then drain.
            Combine all remaining ingredients in a pot and bring to a boil. Stir occasionally to help dissolve sugar.
            Add pickles and onions and bring back up to a boil.
            Remove cinnamon stick and pack pickles into hot jars and fill with the syrup.
            Leave 1/2" of head space.

            This recipe makes 4-5 pints.
            Process 10 minutes

            Try adding some ginger for a twist!

          2. I just did a big batch of plum jam. I'm planning on canning a spiced pear jam, apple butter, hot pepper jam and cranberry conserves.

            I also saw a mention in this month's "Victoria" magazine about canning peach halves in syrup - considering that, also.

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              I didn't even know that Victoria magazine still existed. One of the restaurants I worked at many moons ago was featured in the magazine for a holiday issue. They really had a nice lay out with a photo of the croquembouche. Sadly that restaurant no longer exits. The owner really was a very good Chef.
              I will have to look for that and consider canning some peaches. A small town near me (Armada, Mi) has the peach festival in just a few weeks.

            2. I've been canning roasted tomatillo salsa, preserved figs, and new this year, pickled figs. We had a bumper crop of haricot vert green beans, so I put up a dozen jars of them, too. The peaches and rum sound wonderful!

              Soon, I'll be doing a batch of sweet pickles, my granny's recipe...takes about 14 days, but they are so incredibly good and crisp. I haven't made them before, my mom always made enough for all of us, but she's decided it's my turn to take over ;-). Once our tomatoes are in full production, we'll put up 50-75 qts of tomatoes and about 20 quarts of tomato juice, plus a few jars of basil-tomato jam. If I'm not sick of tomatoes by fall, I also put up stewed toms, with squash, onion, okra, peppers added.

              I'm still searching for the perfect green tomato pickle recipe - like the ones you get in catfish retaurants in the south....anyone make these?

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              1. re: kmr

                kmr, Can you share your roasted tomatillo salsa recipe? I'd love to try doing that.

              2. Chutney with a pear, apple, onion, and ginger base is my plan...also pears with cloves. Both are nice with recipe and ingredient 'sets' (in a gift basket) for Christmas presents and hostess gifts. That chutney makes the best chicken drumstick with curry recipe!

                This is in my little apartment kitchen here in the Big year, semi-retirement and big batch canning from my garden in the country-WHOOPPEE!