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Aug 26, 2009 04:50 PM

Anyone been to La vineria?

I was wondering if anyone had heard of a restaurant called la vineria? I believe it is on w 55th? I am looking for a small cozy italian place in that area with good food (ie not everything is drowning in red sauce) and good wine. Any suggestions? Price is really a deciding factor

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  1. Caveat:
    Theater district represents subpar food overall IMO, so these restaurants aren't representative of the finest options in their class. They are however, good given the area and typical clientele that frequent the area:

    Yakitori Totto for Japanese, Insieme or Becco for Italian, Toloache for Mexican, Marseille for French.

    1. I've been once and was pleased. It's located at 9th and 50th. It's not a destination spot (I live in the neighborhood), but it definitely meets your criteria of cozy and good food (both dishes I tried were more refined than the drowning in red sauce dish you're looking to avoid). Also, they have a nice front area where they can open up the windows and you get some fresh air. Another recommendation on that corner that would meet your criteria is Terrazza Toscana. It's a relatively new Italian spot with the good food, but less cozy atmosphere.