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Aug 26, 2009 04:09 PM

Best Place For Lunch Near Newark International Airport

Can't even believe I'm asking this...or maybe I can really believe I am asking this...

Point is, my friend is flying into Newark and we have time for a quick lunch before he is picked up and whisked away to Atlantic City by another friend.


he's from Denmark and thought some good Mexican or Latin American food would be nice...


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  1. Assuming you have a car, Ferry St Newark area is about 5 minutes away and is loaded with about a dozen Spanish/Portuguese restaurants. They're decent, for the most part, and specialize in copious quantities of food. Here's a good list to choose from:

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      Wow Ferry Street and the entire Ironbound area looks way too amazing not to explore. Most of the Portuguese, Brazilian, Basque, Iberian, Spanish places look too expensive for my unemployed budget...but I did manage to stumble upon Hamburgao, a Portuguese Burger place just off of Ferry Street.

      I can't wait to experience this and review it.

      Cheers Menton1!

      1. re: HaryBosco

        Actually, if you go to the right places, you can get a very good meal in ironbound for very little $$. Try to find places that cater mainly to Portuguese and then don't go by the printed menus, but the specials of the day (usually on a chalkboard). For instance, if you find Portugalia Bar (on Ferry, but not close to Penn Sta.) they have a half chicken with a mountain of fries that is always on the specials for $7.99 - it is really good! BTW, all these places give you a huge amount of food. Hambergao might be Brazilian fast food - looks popular but I have never been.

    2. Can't miss with Ironbound. There's a recent thread for Casa Vasca for Basque; rodizio joints abound. I like Fernando's. Taste of Portugal's Steak on a Stone is fantastic.
      Burger? Try Krug's Tavern on Wilson st.
      If you want something fancier, foodie fusion, 27 Mix on Halsey St. is great for lunch.

      1. ferry st are mostly tourist traps
        overpriced food
        if you must go to mccarter at bridge st for SEABRA'S rodizio
        the salad bar is awesome at 11 bucks for ayce 5 or 6 bucks more throws in the rodizio and a fun grilled fresh pineapple forget about the desserts

        now if you want a memorable lunch drive five more minutes in harrison around the corner and go to MR. NINO'S on bergen st
        nino makes two of the best pizza in the world yes the worl
        the fresh sicilian is the epitome of a square pie and a plain pie with fresh basil is heavenly
        not to mention a superb steak itialana basically a steak parm with a great chewy rib eye
        money back guarantee from yours truly have eaten there for 27 years and it only gets better
        the nicest people also parking right in front as well as seabra's
        happy eating

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        1. re: foodismylife

          Thanks for the Ferry Street heads seem like my kind of foodie. I will explore the area and report back on Hamburgao.

          1. re: HaryBosco

            sorry for the caps
            peruvian chicken in harrison and kearny far superior and cheaper than newark right on harrison and kearny avenues
            tops diner in east newark is a well priced fresh and delicious diner
            stick with the daily specials particularly at lunch
            greek salad the more you eat the more there is
            cakes pies and pastries all well worth the calories
            happy chowing

        2. There are some great Indian restaurants one exit down from Newark in Iselin, N.J.

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            There are some decent Indian places in Iselin, but to be fair it is not "one exit down". You need to take the Garden State Parkway about 10 miles south, several exits, to reach that area. Wouldn't recommend going that far just for lunch, unless you are heading south.

            BTW, if you want something cheap but decent very close to the airport (you still need to drive) try Algarve Barbecue or Restaurant Valencia in Elizabeth (both Portuguese), just a mile or two from the airport. Google for locations.

          2. Say Harry, could you kindly give us a report of where you went and how you liked it?