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Scottsdale - Over Easy

After seeing all the postings for Sol y Sombra and the possibility Aaron May was opening up something at the Scottsdale Ice Den I decided to stop by and find out first hand what was up. There is definitely something up. Some guy named Mike saw me peeking in and asked if I wanted a tour. Wow! It's a long way from finished but it's nothing like when Peter Piper was in the space. Half will be Over Easy which will have tables and bar seating and a patio and the other half is 18 Degrees which sounds like more of a neighborhood place. Some of the bar seating looks out over the ice rink where a hockey game was underway. I'm not a hockey fan but it was very cool watching for a few minutes and I have no problem visualizing myself back there watching with a cold one.

He said the menus were not finished but Over Easy would be very similar if not the same as the 40th street OE (which I love, by the way) and 18 degrees will be a casual grill with really, really good pizza and definitely not the huge tasteless pies from Peter Piper. He expects them to open in about a month but it looked to me like they were a lot further from opening than that.

Anyway, great news and the people from DC Ranch won't have that far to drive either.

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  1. Thanks for the great update! Good news, too.


    1. I understand that alot of the former employees from Sol y Sombra and Autostrada are going to be working there. In fact, Mark Dow, the former Sol GM has already started. That's good news on several levels. Hope they get open soon!

      1. So these are literally IN the Ice Den? I haven't spent any time there in 10+ years, but it still seems like an odd choice of location to me. Well, I'm intrigued, to say the least...

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          Yes, right inside. There is a large restaurant space on the northeast corner that is probably 7,000 square feet. Originally it was a fairly nice bar and grill and then for the last five years a Peter Piper operation. Don't really get that one. Anyway, they must have a million people a year use that building so that's a pretty impressive built in audience already. Over Easy on 40th street is in a terrible location; it's in a converted Taco Bell for heaven's sake on the wrong side of Indian School with marginal parking and has to close at 11:30 each morning so the tavern next door has parking for lunch. And it still does great. I don't think there are any great locations up in that area. Market Street is in a death spiral and most of the other strip malls are blah with plenty of vacancies. If the product is as good as their other places I think people will come in. Add that to all those hockey players and skaters and moms and dads and they may just have hit onto something. We'll see. Have to admit that going to a skating rink for breakfast sounds odd....

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            If you watch Diners, Drive Inns and Dives on the Food Network they are always visiting a restaurant in an odd location. There have been at least two in a gas station and another in a garage. If the food, service and value are there, people will come.

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              Hey, don't knock the Vig! ;)

              I haven't been to the Ice Den in aaaages, and I don't remember seeing a Peter Piper, but it makes sense to me. Kids like pizza. Either way, now that I have a kid of my own, I'm more tempted to drag him up there once the project finishes to go skating. Or rather, to eat.

          2. It is a great location! The Ice Den is very cool place (pun intended) and N. Scottsdale really needs a good breakfast spot, i.e. see recent posts on Breakfast Joynt. There are also a lot of folks up in that area that could use a couple of DDD type places. It seems like all the good ones are in Phoenix or far from Scottsdale.

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              I agree. While that area is not far from Scottsdale Road or FLW the traffic to get there is really tough so you'd think there would be more choices than Temple Bar, Etc.

            2. They're Coming! Stopped by the Ice Den yesterday afternoon and the logos of the two new restaurants are up, job applicants were being interviewed and best of all they have started painting the interiors. Could only see in the Over Easy side and it's bright yellow and orange. They are saying the restaurants will be open to the public before the end of the month. Lots of progress from when I took my tour just a week ago.

              1. Saw postings on several websites including Arizona Foothills Magazine and the East Valley Tribune that apparently the "official" announcement about Over Easy at the Ice Den is out. EVT said it was the worst kept secret around but I don't recall them reporting on it over even speculating so I don't know. They say the announcement on the second restaurant will be released sometime this week. Have heard from several people who use the Ice Den regularly that the restaurant spaces really look great and should be open within a month. Really looking forward to Over Easy but curious about the second restaurant. I've beeen to all four (now two) of Aaron May's places and they have all been well executed concepts. The Lodge isn't really my kind of place but the food is very good and it's reasonably priced for Scottsdale. Would like to see that quality of food or better and reasonable pricing in North Scottsdale for a neighborhood type of place.

                1. Was in the Ice Den area yesterday and stopped by to see what, if anything, was happening. Both restaurants are nearly complete and will be open before the end of the month and do they ever look great! Very different from what I would have thought.

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                    Stopped by the Ice Den this afternoon and ther restaurants are nearly complete and staff was training. Said they would open sometime next week. Over Easy is killer with a great patio, retro tables and chairs and a neat design. 18 Degrees is very different than what I expected but I think will be very neat. Lots of flat panel televisions and a bar/lounge that overlooks one of the ice rinks. There are a couple of small rooms. One was still empty but the other one had a very interesting computerized interactive video golf I hadn't seen before. I am anxious to see how 18 Degrees finishes up and what the menu is. Already know Over Easy will be my breakfast place.

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                      Nice report. Can't wait to have a nice sat or sun brekkie with the family and a nice cocktail late after work/gym before heading home. I wonder if they will do carry out? That would be huge for some of us with little people in bed at home.

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                        I understand they expect to do a lot of take home business primarily whole roasted chicken and pizza but will offer the entire menu for take home. One of my friends got an invitation to training meals which start tomorrow. He says they will open to the public Monday or Tuesday.

                  2. Have spoken to two friends who were invited to "practice" meals at both Over Easy and 18 Degrees. Apparently both will open to the public tomorrow. Over Easy has the same menu as the original but is a bit more upscale but still with a retro feel. Both raved about 18 Degrees which basically sounds like a sports bar to me. Said the food was at a dfferent level from sports bar food with hamburger meat ground daily in house and just about everything made from scratch. I'll be there!

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                      18 Degrees opened today. Burgers are excellent as are the pizzas. Tried a couple of appetizers with a group of people as well including some very interesting Carribbean Shrimp. From what we had it is definitely a step up food wise from a sports bar. Great bar area over looking the ice rink and it looks like they'll have a good happy hour from the table tent description. This place is about as different as the former Peter Piper Pizza as you could ever imagine.

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                        Forgot best part. They are serving Sweet Republic ice cream!

                    2. Had brunch at over easy today.

                      Wait for food was pretty bad, was almost an hour.

                      However when it did show up the breakfast was really nice. All the ingredients seemed nice. Nothing over complex just decent eggs, bacon and sausage cooked well.

                      Certainly going to give it another go as its close and the food was good. I'm pretty sure the speed will pick up as they get fully up to speed.

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                        I was also there for a late breakfast/brunch this morning. We were given a 40 minute wait time. This didn't make sense, since it looked like there were only 2 parties ahead of us. We were seated within 5 minutes...weird. The place was very busy, though, with a pretty constant line of people waiting to be seated. Anyone know if they're planning on opening the adjacent room anytime soon?

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                          Stopped into 18 Degrees today for lunch - see separate posting - and when the manager stopped by my table I asked him about the weekend and mentioned the two CH postings. He said the problem on Sunday was that both 18 Degrees and Over Easy food comes out of the same kitchen. Both restaurants got very busy at the same time and "it seemed like everyone was ordering food that came off the griddle." He said at the peak, the griddle was completely full of food with no place to cook any more. Their solution starting this weekend will be to go to a brunch style menu in 18 Degrees until about 1pm and then switch back into their full menu. The brunch food will be cooked to order but - apparently - won't come off the griddle. He said they are disappointed in not being able to offer burgers until 1pm at 18 Degrees but believe this move will solve the problem. Too bad about the burgers. They are killer. He said they are making a number of other changes as a result of the first weekend but did not expect to be quite as busy on Sunday as they were. I guess they did almost 400 breakfasts at Over Easy. That's a lot because the space isn't that big. They hope to have the adjacent room open by Saturday but want to be sure it's done right.

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                            We had breakfast at Over Easy on Sunday, as well. We arrived around 8:45 and were able to grab a booth inside right away. The service was very friendly but quite disorganized. It was their first weekend open, and not unexpected. I could see the servers did not know the table numbers yet, as they kept coming to our table asking if the food they were carrying was ours. We waited a bit long for what we ordered, but really not too bad. The waiter forgot one thing we ordered, but brought it out quickly once reminded. The line waiting definitely started to get longer, and there really isn't much of an area to wait other than along the window or in the middle of the room. The "overflow" room, as they called it, was in use and full when we left. That room has a more generic feel and not the retro look of the small main room. The patio is very cool, if you can get a table there. I liked the main room, too. It seemed like there was a lot of empty floor space, and our waiter confirmed they have more tables on order. Seems like they can easily fit more tables outside and in the main room.

                            That said, the food was very good. They have a very inexpensive kids' menu, and my sons enjoyed the chocolate waffle and Reeses Pieces pancakes (each $3). We got them a kid side of fruit and tator tots ($2 and $1) and they ate it all.

                            I had the lox, onion and egg scramble, which was very good ($10) with choice of potato (hash browns were good, well seasoned, not the best ever) and a piece of rye. My wife had the steel cut oatmeal and coffee, and she liked both.

                            I liked Over Easy, and we'll be back, although I don't think we'll stand around waiting if the line is ridiculous. The food is very good, but not mind blowing, and I'm sure they will work out the kinks in time. The patio, however, would be a great place for breakfast this time of year.

                            Great spot, but I'm afraid it's going to be packed once everyone realizes they're open. Go early if you don't want to wait.


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                              Stopped in for lunch yesterday and had the Chicken Fried Chicken with a Waffle served with hot pepper sauce. Pretty darn good! Server said business has been picking up mid week and had been steady all day Friday but they are "battening down the hatches" for this weekend. Seemed to think they'd be better prepared for very large crowds. Incidentally, they use runners to bring the food from the kitchen and my runner was Aaron May!

                        2. Had breakfast at Over Easy on Saturday and they were much better prepared for the crowds. It was full all the time I was there but food came out quickly and tasted great. Waited about 10 minutes for one of those nice patio tables and didn't see others waiting much longer than that. Wandered over to 18 Degrees afterwards and it was mobbed with a big crowd watching a hockey game on the Ice Den ice.

                          1. Just heard that Channel 3's morning weekend show is shooting at the Ice Den tomorrow (Saturday) from 7am and is featuring Over Easy and Aaron May. Should be interesting. Not sure how he gets so much media coverage.

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                              I was planning to go for another visit tomorrow, my sons soccer match finishes at Grey hawk at 10. Hopefully all the commotion has passed by then :)

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                                Had breakfast there on Thursday morning with my Mother...luckily w/ no weekend rush!
                                No wait, no service issues and food came out timely and hot.
                                I had the chicken fried steak w/ home fries, and an over easy egg. The steak was cooked perfectly and tender w/ a nice crunchy crust. The gravy had a nice kick to it...though not spicy. The over easy egg on top ran into the gavy and added a nice complexity to the dish. My Mother had the 'OverEasy" A slice of buttery brioche topped w/ spinach and an over easy egg, applewood smoked bacon and green onions.....I was lucky enough to snag a taste....it was great!
                                The menu is standard breakfast food cooked well w/ some interesting interpretaions!

                                I could see how on a busy weekend things could hit a a bump or too!

                                I look forward to trying18 DEGREES!

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                                  Just finished watching Channel 3's coverage of the Ice Den, Over Easy and 18 Degrees this morning. They got tremendous coverage of everything. Have to say the nachos at 18 degrees look fabulous.