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Aug 26, 2009 03:46 PM

Scottsdale - Over Easy

After seeing all the postings for Sol y Sombra and the possibility Aaron May was opening up something at the Scottsdale Ice Den I decided to stop by and find out first hand what was up. There is definitely something up. Some guy named Mike saw me peeking in and asked if I wanted a tour. Wow! It's a long way from finished but it's nothing like when Peter Piper was in the space. Half will be Over Easy which will have tables and bar seating and a patio and the other half is 18 Degrees which sounds like more of a neighborhood place. Some of the bar seating looks out over the ice rink where a hockey game was underway. I'm not a hockey fan but it was very cool watching for a few minutes and I have no problem visualizing myself back there watching with a cold one.

He said the menus were not finished but Over Easy would be very similar if not the same as the 40th street OE (which I love, by the way) and 18 degrees will be a casual grill with really, really good pizza and definitely not the huge tasteless pies from Peter Piper. He expects them to open in about a month but it looked to me like they were a lot further from opening than that.

Anyway, great news and the people from DC Ranch won't have that far to drive either.

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  1. Thanks for the great update! Good news, too.


    1. I understand that alot of the former employees from Sol y Sombra and Autostrada are going to be working there. In fact, Mark Dow, the former Sol GM has already started. That's good news on several levels. Hope they get open soon!

      1. So these are literally IN the Ice Den? I haven't spent any time there in 10+ years, but it still seems like an odd choice of location to me. Well, I'm intrigued, to say the least...

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          Yes, right inside. There is a large restaurant space on the northeast corner that is probably 7,000 square feet. Originally it was a fairly nice bar and grill and then for the last five years a Peter Piper operation. Don't really get that one. Anyway, they must have a million people a year use that building so that's a pretty impressive built in audience already. Over Easy on 40th street is in a terrible location; it's in a converted Taco Bell for heaven's sake on the wrong side of Indian School with marginal parking and has to close at 11:30 each morning so the tavern next door has parking for lunch. And it still does great. I don't think there are any great locations up in that area. Market Street is in a death spiral and most of the other strip malls are blah with plenty of vacancies. If the product is as good as their other places I think people will come in. Add that to all those hockey players and skaters and moms and dads and they may just have hit onto something. We'll see. Have to admit that going to a skating rink for breakfast sounds odd....

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            If you watch Diners, Drive Inns and Dives on the Food Network they are always visiting a restaurant in an odd location. There have been at least two in a gas station and another in a garage. If the food, service and value are there, people will come.

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              Hey, don't knock the Vig! ;)

              I haven't been to the Ice Den in aaaages, and I don't remember seeing a Peter Piper, but it makes sense to me. Kids like pizza. Either way, now that I have a kid of my own, I'm more tempted to drag him up there once the project finishes to go skating. Or rather, to eat.

          2. It is a great location! The Ice Den is very cool place (pun intended) and N. Scottsdale really needs a good breakfast spot, i.e. see recent posts on Breakfast Joynt. There are also a lot of folks up in that area that could use a couple of DDD type places. It seems like all the good ones are in Phoenix or far from Scottsdale.

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              I agree. While that area is not far from Scottsdale Road or FLW the traffic to get there is really tough so you'd think there would be more choices than Temple Bar, Etc.

            2. They're Coming! Stopped by the Ice Den yesterday afternoon and the logos of the two new restaurants are up, job applicants were being interviewed and best of all they have started painting the interiors. Could only see in the Over Easy side and it's bright yellow and orange. They are saying the restaurants will be open to the public before the end of the month. Lots of progress from when I took my tour just a week ago.