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Best Thai in the UES?


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  1. In my experience, UES is not great for Thai. Eat and Spice are the 2 I order in from. I usually travel away from UES to go out for Thai. Land gets some mixed reviews, but some people really like it.

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      Yes, Thai is something I just don't eat on the UES.

    2. There is a place called "Jasmine" around 84th and 2nd that isn't bad.

      Walking home today, I noticed a new place on about 100th between 3rd and Lex, closer to 3rd, a stone's throw from the mini-restaurant row up there. It's called "Gogo" or something like that. Will try it soon.

      1619 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10028

      1. I just tried OSHA on 89th/2nd-very good and cozy nice space complete w three chandeiers!

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          They also have sushi, right? Sort of Pan-Asian?

          1. re: MMRuth

            No-straightfoward cooked food-no sushi that I saw.

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              Thanks - I must be confusing it with another place. Does it have exposed brick walls?

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                i think i've been to the place you're thinking of, ruth. it was asian fusion and i think i saw on their biz card that it was the same mgmt as asia de cuba. that place was aweful.

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                  can't remember exposed brick walls but you would not forget the 3 chandeliers!

          2. I suggest Sala Thai for takeout/delivery. Nothing spectacular, but solid and dependable. Also, Land is above average and I just tried Osha for delivery last night and it was very good.

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              Yeah, Sala Thai is ok, maybe a little gloppy. I started going to Jasmine because the food seems fresher/lighter and it's certainly quieter.

            2. i used to order from viang ping only when i was hungover because the pad thai was really greasy. there used to be a really great thai place near the hunter college campus in the upper 60's but i can't remember the name.. sorry. i can't find it online either so they might've closed

              1. jasmine is ok.

                Land happens to be one of my fave thai places in NYC

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                  i had lunch at Land today based on your recommendation. not bad. it seemed the food was more carefully prepared than at Jasmine. i had tofu pad thai and the steamed vegetable dumplings. the dumplings were the better of the two.

                  close quarters in there, though!

                  service was up and down, depending on who was involved.

                  i would go again, but probably not at a time when it was likely to be crowded.

                  1. re: thousandrobots

                    i really like their wok charred squid (or other protein) and the drunken noodles.

                2. Thanks guys! I ate at Sala Thai when I first moved to the nabe, but I hated it. I liked Land when I ate in the restaurant (I had the drunken noodles). However, I ordered takeout from there recently & was disappointed. The portions seemed small & there was hardly any meat in them. My DH wasn't impressed with the food. At Spice, the entree I had was a bit too sweet for me & the rice was a bit burnt. My friend raves about Jasmine. She used to order once a wk, but stopped because they had some health code violations(?).
                  There is another Thai place on the same block as Land that I'm interested in trying.

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                  1. re: Little Cupcake

                    i agree that land is hot or miss on delivery/takout. once i was very disappointed, other times it was OK. I used to go to jasmine a lot, but have not in a few years. the other "thai" place is the new one - it's like thai asian latin fusion or something, right? something about that place screams "no" to me, but i havent actually tried it yet

                    1. re: Little Cupcake

                      You might be thinking of Rock and roll Thai-the Sushi Generation place that morphed into latin/asian place-same people-differnt name. They change names every few months. I stopped going there few years ago since i saw the kitchen-omg!!! how they stay in biz is beyond me.

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                        Yes, that is the place I was thinking of. I did get a dodgy vibe from it!