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Aug 26, 2009 03:22 PM

Anyone know a good place that specialized in Hainanese Chicken RIce around San Jose ?

I tried some over Layang Layang and Prima Taste, but I cant seem to pick up the taste that I expected. Anyone know any better place ?

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    1. re: stagius24

      Banana Leaf in Milpitas may fit the bill. I haven't tried the chicken rice but they do tasty versions of other classic Malaysian/Singaporean dishes.

      1. re: stagius24

        It's been three years since I last had it, but you might want to try the Hainan chicken rice lunch plate at Hong Kong Saigon Seafood in Sunnyvale.

      2. Com Ga Nam An, which is just a tad to the east of downtown San Jose, specializes in this dish. I've been there, and I like it, but I make no representations as to its authenticity, as I've never had it any other place. The service is very friendly and helpful, too.

        348 E Santa Clara St
        San Jose, CA 95113
        (408) 297-3402

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        1. re: teela brown

          If you are looking for something like Tian Tian in Singapore, then good luck because I don't think there's a single place in San Jose (or the bay area for that matter) that will come close. But if you don't mind trying something new, Com Ga Nam An might be an acceptable alternative.

          The rice at Com Ga Nam An is not made with pandan leaves or chicken oil, so you're not going to get the rich burst of flavor that is associated with this dish, but it does have natural chicken flavor and is a lot healthier than the standard variety. In terms of the meat, they use yellow feathered chicken instead of the American super-sized ones, so it's actually closer to what you'd find in Asia and you'll get leaner and "bouncier" cuts of meat with decent chicken flavor.

        2. I love the hainan chicken at Spice Islands in Mountain View.