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Aug 26, 2009 03:09 PM

New Italian Restaurants Jamesburg/Monroe Township NJ

Smile - More Italian.
There are two 'new' restaurants

Dominic's in Jamesburg is now Villa Francesca's - know the food at Dominic's was less than ok

Basile's in Monroe on the Jamesburg boarder is now Ciro's Restorante Italiano - know the owner of Basile's was very ill for years.

Have not tried either one.
Do not know if these are simply name changes
No additional details.

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  1. Where was Dominic's? Is that where Musso's used to be? We went to Basile's a few times since my boyfriend lives near there & enjoyed it. Too bad it's changed hands. Maybe we'll try it under the new ownership & see how it is.

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    1. re: Jerzeegirl

      Yes. Dominic's was where Musso's used to be.

      Basile's was good but going back years, first they split from the Freehold location, then the owners divorced, and then she became terribly ill. Sad.

      If your boyfriend lives near, he may have gotten a coupon for Ciro's in the mail.
      If you give it a try let us know and if I end up there with family will do the same :)

      1. re: shabbystorm

        I'll have him check his mail & look for the coupon. I remember before Basile's took over that restaurant, it was closed for years & was really in disrepair. They did a great job renovating it.

    2. Ciro's, formerly Basiles, is now owned and operated by the guy who owned Scotto's in Twin Rivers (Scotto's, whose name hasn't changed, is obviously now owned by someone else).

      The food at Ciro's lives up to the old Scotto's and more. I had a special called Penne Veronica (scallops and shrimps over pasta with white wine sauce). It was wonderful. My companion had eggplant parmesana and was also very happy. The service was great and the owner stopped by our table a couple of times (even though he was helping out by serving customers himself). I highly recommend.

      Basile's had been going down for a while. This is a nice comeback and the restaurant's decor has been refreshed.

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      1. re: Arias24

        I did not know that Scotto's changed owners! Wow. Those boys have owned that place for years and years! Where exactly is Ciro's?

        1. re: Nursemegg

          On Rte. 522 just east of downtown Jamesburg. Atmosphere is very nice. Service is great, especially Dianne.