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Aug 26, 2009 03:07 PM

Happy Hour - Kansas City

I know the KC Restaurant Guide has a good list of happy hours throughout Kansas City, but wanted to get the hounds' ideas of where to go for Happy Hour. I don't get to go often as my wife doesn't get home til after 6 typically, but have been intrigued by 801's, La Bodega's, and Pierpont's (especially the latter, as I've been to 801 in Des Moines). Is Pierpont's dressy if we went and ate in the bar during happy hour (would shorts and a polo be OK? Flip flops?)

Nothing like cheap eats and cheap drinks to start off a night right...

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  1. I think you would be okay at Pierpont's bar for happy hour in shorts and a polo. Very nice flip flops ;)
    You should check out happy hour at Grand Street, M&S Grill and Melting Pot. They're pretty good deals and my faves! Martini Corner might have some good options, but I don't know for sure. Does Cafe Trio?

    1. Bluestem has half price apps in the bar until 6 or 7.

      1. Extra Virgin has happy hour all day until 6:00. You can wear shorts and jeans pretty much anywhere in KC. However, a man can't ever get away w/flip flops in a restaurant.

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          Wouldn't agree with a man not being able to wear flip flops in any restaurant, although I certainly agree at places like Plaza III, Bluestem, Extra Virgin, etc.