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Aug 26, 2009 02:58 PM

New Restaurant BBQ Steakout Rt 9 Marlboro

Passed by a large red lettered sign for a new BBQ Steakout restaurant.
This will be located on Rt 9 South.
Cannot remember the exact location.
If anyone has more information or sees it open let us know.

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    1. re: Freeholdtwsp88

      Based on an internet search can't confirm or deny.
      However it really did not look like one from the quick glance caught while driving.
      Think it was on an end cap of a strip mall, maybe before that contemporary furniture place.
      Wish I could be more help.

      1. re: shabbystorm

        Oh yeah.. I remember my wife mentioning that.. in the same plaza as Domino's pizza, south of the old pet store.

        Great, another steakhouse type place. Too many of those along with Italian restaurants. Of course, I'm vegetarian, so that might explain my lack of excitement. :)

    2. My girlfriend and I got take out from here tonight. It's a very small store that only does takeout. ordered a bbq combo thats half chicken, half rack of ribs, rice , and fries which all get tossed into a metal tin tray together. I came back in a half hour guy (behind the register told me 25min) and waited another ten to fifteen min for the food. I was disappointed by the ribs. They were fatty, dry, and tough to chew. The chicken was alright, nothing to rave about. The rice was mixed with peas and carrots and also was ok.
      The place had a lot of delivery orders going out and it seemed as if the restaurant couldnt handle making all the food at once. I don't think that I will be going back.

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      1. re: burgerpimp

        Thanks, i was going to ask if any has tried that. How was the price?
        I couldn't find the menu online, and I haven't seen any advertisement in the mail.

        1. re: yCf

          I had the chicken soup here. Price was $5 and change. It was ok had chicken celery, carrot, and onion and some herb flavor but no fresh ones used in the finish. This place is closer to a Portuguese Chicken and Rib place than a steakhouse. I remember they had empanadas on the menu as well as the chicken/ribs/steak. For those who are curious everything is grilled they don't go any smoking here.

          1. re: yCf

            The cost for the bbq combo was 15.99

            1. re: burgerpimp

              Hey, has anyone tried the BEEF RIBS at this Bbq Steakout????
              Based on what you told us about the ribs (assuming you had the spare ribs, right?) it does'nt sound good, "burgerpimp"....
              I don't like "dry, fatty, and tough to chew" ...!

              Does this place look like it's doing much business?
              Thanks from Ellen

          1. I have not been to BBQ Steakout but from sound more like a grilling. I live in Old Bridge and these are my recommendations for Barbeque fans. I have not found anywhere in Jersey that is top notch. So for brisket iI like Fette Sau in Williamsburg Brooklyn. They also have great pork belly and occasionally good pork shoulder. The shoulder is good when pulled. If they chop the shoulder I have found it to be a bit dry. Did I mention the belly mmmm. Their trick is the rub. It is an excellent rub. Im not crazy but then again I not really crazy about ribs. But if I were then for a great and consistent rib Daisy Mays on the West side of Midtown Manhattan is great. They finnish the rib with a super fine rub, that really turns the rib on. They also have a beef rib that is well marbled and is quite good. The sides at both places are equally good. Fette has awesome burnt beans. Daisies corn w/ NY cheddar is fine. When i make my pilgrimage I usually choose Fette because it is more a Texas style BBQ. Daisies seems to be more Memphis. Did I mention the pork belly at Fette!

            1. re: catkrazd

              Ever try Memphis Pig out in Atlantic Highlands?

              1. re: Gold

                Re: Memphis Pigout...........not yet.... but I've been meaning ,too..
                (with that kind of name , I doubt they have my favorite, which are BEEF ribs!)
                But I love a good brisket, too !

                1. re: ellen4441

                  No, the Pig Out doesn't have beef ribs, but I really like their babybacks. They know what they're doing and do not make the common mistake that BBQ ribs should be "Falling off the Bone" (overcooked). Not BBQ, but they make excellent wings. Also their salad bar is not just your standard issue selection. There are a lot of house made southern specialties like black eye peas and pickled spiced carrots.

                  1. re: equal_Mark

                    Tnx, equal Mark! Nice pic of the baby backs... I just emailed them to my sis, as she is the baby back rib lover in the family!!
                    They look good, what size and amount $$ was that???
                    (cuz the long review right under yours sounds scary & pricey!
                    Re: "food guru's" review..

                    1. re: ellen4441

                      FoodGuru was actually reviewing BBQ Steakout (the subject of this thread... oops!)

                      The babybacks at the Pig Out are $18.99 and include fries, Basked Beans or Turnip greens and the salad bar.


                      Incidentally, the waitress pictured is also a full time school teacher, real estate mogul and former prez of the Atlantic Highlands Borough Council...

                      1. re: equal_Mark

                        Tnx for keeping me straight, equal, Mark !!
                        So , it's the Memphis Pig Out joint with the confirmed good babybacks!!
                        (I'd heard of the place, but never been yet)
                        I see they don't have their own website, just restaurant passion, and yelp reviews, etc...

                        BTW, is that YOU in the pic with that busy waitress???
                        (I got tired just HEARING about all the jobs/endeavors she has!)

                        Memphis Pig Out
                        67 1st Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716

                        1. re: ellen4441

                          Yeah, that's me over 10 years ago, am actually a bit less chubby now...

                          1. re: equal_Mark

                            good for you, regarding your "less chubby" physique!
                            I am trying to shake off 20 pounds I gained the last few years..
                            (need to try harder, though)
                            wanna get my schoolgirl figure back , lol...

          2. Worst place that have ever gotten food from. ! I was excited when I first saw the sign on the south side of Rt 9 in Marlboro. I tried to search for their menu online, but finally just had to stop by. My son was with me and he loves BBQ and expecially ribs. We went there on a Friday night and their were no other customers in the place. All of the workers were just standing around. They didn't look too busy. I asked about a web site and the guy behind the counter said that was suppose to be ready a couple of months ago, but that it was still being worked on. The smokey meat smell coming from the place made our mouths water. We ordered the Super Combo- which is a full tray of chicken and a ful tray of spare ribs. Price was $30.97 plus tax. Pretty steep in my opinion. I asked how long the order would take and the guy side 20-25 minutes. I asked why so long, since they did not look busy and he said that everything was made fresh- to order. He said that they had free delevery and that I could just go home and wait for it there. I went to pay for it and found out that they do not take AMEX or Discover. I paid with my MasterCard and put it back in to my wallet and waited for my receipt. The guy had turned his back on me and was doing other things. I got his attention and asked for my receipt. He acted flustered and after a bit of searching, handed it to me. We drove home and over 30 minutes later, the delivery kid arrived. Before he handed over the food he asked for payment. I told him that we had been at the place and paid in advance. He said that it was not indicated on his delivery slip and refused to hand over the food. I had to go and get my wallet and dig out the receipt. Thank God - I had asked for one. I showed it to him and he still had to phone back to the place to see if it was okay. The food finally was handed over and my son brought it in to the kitchen. It was in two large foil trays. The ribs in one and the chicken in the other. Along with the two meats in the trays were tons of thick cut french fries and rices with peas and carrots mixed in. The rice was all mixed up in the french fries and they fries were so soggy that they tasted horrible and had to be picked out of the mess and thrown away. No one would eat them. The rice was " just okay".
            There were also two very small containers - that were only way way filled up. they contained BBQ sauce and hot sauce. There was no where near enough to put on the ribs and chicken and boy did they need help. Both were very very dry. The chicken had a nice smokey taste , but the meat was as dry as straw. It needed tons of sauce to make it better, and my daughter ended up getting some of our own out from the refrig. My son took one bit of the chicken and threw the rest out. He hated it. He went to dig in to the ribs only to find 4 very small bones with grissle and fat and no meat. I thought that it was a very small rake of ribs. .The menu said " full tray" and when I went to look at it again, underneath the ribs heading it says : Half Tray ( quarter rack) and Full Tray (half Rack ) - It is very misleading. I thought that a full tray of ribs was a full rack, but it is only a half of a rack. $30.97 is way too much to pay for a half of a rack of fatty greasy grizzle and dried up chicken and soggy french fries. The only thing that was good was the rice and I can buy huge bags of rice for what I spent that night. For a place that is advertising BBQ- they had the worst ribs I have ever eaten. The service was poor. There was not enough BBQ sauce given. Don't even bother getting the fries, unless you ask them to put the in a seperate container. Don't bother ordering the spare ribs. A half tray (quarter rack ) is prices at 9:50 and a full tray ( half rack ) is $16.97 It looked and tasted like road kill. Maybe their sandwiches are better. I don't know if I will be going back to find out. They all are priced at $8.50 which also seems a bit pricey. It had better be a hell of a sandwich. The back of their menu says Sun- Thurs 11 am - 9 pm Fri- Sat 11 am - 11 pm ( closed Tuessday ) It also says that they accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover, but when I was there- the guy would not take my Discover card. If you ask me, I would say that this place is a " pass" .

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            1. Are you looking at the same review I am? The one that starts with the line "Worst place that have ever gotten food from?" Where in FoodGuru1980's post (or ANY of the posts in this thread) does the word "Best" even appear (or the word "town" for that matter)? I'm all confoozed...

              1. re: equal_Mark

                On their sign it says " Best BBQ In Town" That's where I got It from.

            2. The original comment has been removed