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Aug 26, 2009 02:49 PM

August visit to Wynn restaurants

I just spent about an hour writing a detailed trip report about our dinners at Kokomo's, Daniel Boulud, Alex and Bartolotta and I went to check an e-mail and lost the whole thing!!! Aaaaaggghh. I'm too demoralized to start over so in a nutshell...

Had 5 terrific nights at the beautiful Encore earlier this month w/my husband and 17-year old daughter and took advantage of the Taste of Wynn prix fixe dining promotion - thank you CHs. You need to ask for Taste of Wynn menus - they won't be offered - but this promotion is amazing. Note most restaurants ask you to be seated by 7.

Kokomos ($29pp) - decor outdated and not a fine dining vibe, but the food/service very good. The ribeye a standout - ditto the shrimp cake w/garlic aioli.

Daniel Boulud ($42pp) - Loved. Elegant, but not stuffy. The duck spring roll, chicken w/artichokes, steak frite especially delicious. The setting is divine and the water 'show' is charming, not tacky as I feared.

Alex ($89pp) - A true special occasion place - service impeccible. They even give you a little tuffet for your purse! Highlights were the black truffle risotto and wagyu fillet of beef. Best dessert of the trip - a milk chocolate torte w/hazelnut, caramel and golf leaf. Wow.

Bartolotta ($69pp) - Didn't love the service; the waiter visibly cooled when we asked for the prix fixe menus. Also, didn't think the room was spectacular - the cabanas outside on the water the place to be but not in August. That said, we loved the food. I had a cocotte di parmigiano reggiano - a warm custard - that was lick-the-spoon good and a vegetable risotto that was delicious - both not on the Taste of Wynn menu. Go when you can sit in a cabana.

Also ate at Red 8 - the Wynn's casual Asian - the Penang noodles excellent. Thought the food was better than the slightly coffee shop vibe. If we had it to do again, we'd have gone to Wing Lei but we felt we couldn't stuff down one more big meal.

Had brunch every day at the Terrace Point Cafe - fantastic and much nicer than casual dining needs to be - quite lovely If the weather cooperates sit outside overlooking the pool. You feel like you're in the South of France. And treat yourself to service by Jody if she's available. We had pretty basic stuff but I kept going back for their creamy, steel-cut oatmeal.

Sorry this is so abbreviated but please ask if you have specific questions. Overall we were very impressed w/both the Encore and these restaurants. Will be back soon. As ever, thanks to my friends on this board for your advice. Priceless....

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  1. Not sure when Kokomo's became part of Wynn/Encore, but thanks for the report! What were your entrees at Bartolotta? I concur with Terrace Point Cafe - great place for a casual late breakfast/early lunch. Only problem there (and it is sporadic) is that, depending upon the winds and thus the flight patterns, there are times when planes will be on a takeoff route that will take them directly overhead; very noisy if you are sitting outside.

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      At Kokomo I had mahi-mahi and my carnivore family had the ribeye w/mashed potatoes - both quite good and a steal at $29pp.

      The only truly dreadful meal we had in Vegas was at Trevi in the Forum Shops on our way out of town. This was an unplanned stop so I hadn't done any research. We made a purchase in Tiffany and I asked for a rec there and that's what they suggested. The pasta was gummy, pizza undercooked, bread tasteless, service dreadful. We saw our waitress when she took the order and again when she laid down the check. We had to keep asking the hardworking busboy for bev refills, etc. as our waitress chatted up a single guy at a table. And it was not inexpensive. I felt very 'taken' but it was my own silly fault for choosing such an obvious tourist trap. The Spago around the corner looked better.

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        Don't be too concerned because Forum Shops is full of tourist traps. One of my worst Vegas lunches was at that Spago. My favorite lunch spots at the Forum Shops are The Palm and Joe's Steak & Seafood. Rao's and Mesa Grill inside Caesar's get a lot of CH recommendations too.

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        Oops, sorry, I should clarify. My initial post, now lost in cyberspace, indicated we went to Kokomo to eat because we were seeing LOVE and hadn't allowed ourselves enough time before the show to go to a more ambitious restaurant. The Wynn in my title is 'mister' not the property! My bad.

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          Hmm. Mr. Wynn hasn't owned The Mirage for years (it's now property of MGM). And it's been so long since I stayed there that I don't remember if Kokomo was there when he did own it.

      3. Stayed at the Wynn a couple of times now and really enjoy DB. I agree that the Terrace is pretty good. Both times I went for lunch and enjoyed the food. Surprisingly the fish and chips there were fried up perfectly light and seasoned. Sugar and Ice is good for their gelatos as well. The restaurant by the golf club is good too.

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          The Country Club Restaurant was closed when we were there in August, but I hope to check it out for lunch later this month as it gets pretty good reviews on this board and the setting is lovely. I booked Daniel and Wing Lei for dinner and am only sorry we'll only be there 2 nights.

        2. Thanks for the reviews. I agree about the Terrace Point Cafe. We had a late lunch/snack and Zoozoocrackers, the New York style deli in the casino, and we were very disappointed. High prices and pictures of stacked corned beef and pastrami, but the sandwhich that came out was a small and not very good. I'd avoid it.


          1. Did you try the buffet at wynn?