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Aug 26, 2009 02:08 PM

Hamilton/Lauraville's Tuesday Evening Market

I recently found out that there was a farmer's market in Hamilton/Lauraville (on Harford Road across the street from Safeway) every Tuesday evening. My friend and I went last night to check out the action. It wasn't quite a farmer's market as there were only 3 - 4 produce vendors. Bulk of the market were prepared food vendors and a bunch of arts & crap.

Since the various knitted, painted, essential oiled stuff doesn't interest me, didn't pay much attention to it. As for the food, here's the list of the vendors I saw:
• Pig & Pickle (pulled pork sandwich & a variety of pickles and relishes)
• Check Mac BBQ (smoked briskets & ribs & Cajun sides
• Indian food (chicken curry, potato patties, etc.)
• Soo's Kimchi (Korean platter including kimchi, savory pancake, buckwheat noodles)
• Parkisde Inn (don't recall what they were selling)
• Grilled corn guy (offering regular and compound butter)
• Quesadilla/Hummus/Dips guy

My friend and I got a sampling of goods and here are our thoughts:
• Pulled pork from Pig & Pickle is fantastic; smoky and moist and the sauce provided the perfect touch of spice/sweet to make Mr. Pig really sing.
• Brisket was good; nice and moist with a good amount of fat for juice and flavor. Unfortunately, the pork ribs were awful. The 3 pieces I got with my meal were tough, dried out and not flavorful at all. The red beans and rice sides were good, though.
• Grilled corn was something I really wanted to like. But for all the black grease on the ear, the flesh was not charred and simply didn't have the good grilled corn flavor/texture. My guess is that the grill wasn't hot enough so it simply steamed the corn, not grilled it.
• After tasting the cucumber kimchi, I got a container to go; it will be rice with kimchi and roaster laver for dinner tonight.

I don't know how long the market is slated to run but all in all, a nice place to grab dinner on a Tuesday evening.

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  1. i bought excellent fresh corn on the cob ($4/dz), organic squash ($1/3 squash) and organic pole beans ($3 for a good amount). I have also been buying the chicken and pork from Fergeson Family Farm, which while expensive is very high quality and pasture raised without antibiotics. I no longer buy factory produced meats. Watch Food Inc. or read the Omnivores Delema if you balk at the price. Kind of a cool hippie vibe at the market that I like.

    1. I posted about this market back in June, but thanks for reminding folks.

      To answer your question, I believe this market operates until Oct 20.

      I'm very fond of the lime ice, made by a woman there close to the entrance on Harford Rd.